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Category: Research


Introduction Tourism industry is a very dynamic and rewarding sector all over the world. Tourism plays a key part in the economic, social and cultural...
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It was proved that passive smoking has adverse effects on health and causes different diseases, disability, and even death. The health risks attribute...
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Legacy Project

Leaders of non-profit organizations spend massive amounts of time on fundraising, but most of them do not have the slightest idea of how to raise fund...
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Regular Cardiovascular Activity

Thesis: Regular cardiovascular activity improves brain function as heart and brain are in constant relationships. Cardiovascular fitness is necessary...
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How to Make Sears More Competitive

Introduction Sears Holdings is the parent company of Kmart and Sears, Roebuck and Co (Porter,& Norton, 2008, p.295). It was established in 1893 as...
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Analyzing the Cultural Perspectives of Doing Business with Israel

In terms of economic and industrial development, Israel is considered one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia. It is the second country i...
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The United States of America

The United States of America remains the most significant country in the world when dealing with international trade. This is because, for decades, th...
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Importance of Human Resources in Health Care

Human resources began to develop an independent sector in business companies and organizations under its earlier, more narrowly descriptive names in t...
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A Poetic Riddle for Li Qingzhao, Wang Anshi and Du Mu

Li Qingzhao was a prominent Chinese poetess of the Northern Song Dynasty. She was a gifted writer of ci poetry and her talent was acknowledged already...
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Trend in Student Loans

Over time, students have been relying on loans to assist them in financing their university bachelor’s degree, and the amount they are receiving...
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Three Estates

A question of the social estates is essential today. By identification of the modern estates it is possible to analyze the world society and find the ...
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Personal Development

Every person throughout the life undergoes different stages of personal development. For example, when babies arrive in this world, they are helpless,...
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