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Information and power

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Free «Information and power» Essay Sample

Information and power are rational elements for acquisition of wealth. When one talks about power, it does not only involve the definition of electricity, CEOs, music corporations or even presidents. Power is used in the definition of beautiful things, while the process of acquisition takes a form of transition that addresses its origin from information. For instance, in the information cycle, one has to assume a considerable amount of inspiration. It is this inspiration that results in the exploration of a sound idea, while the usefulness of the ideology marks the start of the power acquisition process.

For instance, Stanley Adams is a whistle blower, who made his way through the echelons of power by discovering the evidence of price fixing. After the discovery, he passed the information to the European Economic Community (EEC), who leaked the name to the Hoffman-laRoche. In the ensuing evidence, Adams had to serve a long sentence for industrail espionage, while his system cycle of information led to his fight for compesnation from the EEC. This implies that information is a source of power, while the inspiration for research adds value to the process of acquisition of power. Consequently, the source of funding of the research comes from the direct beneficiary of the information or news. In this end, corporations form the source of funding since they have a stake in the research.

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This implies that control of information is also control of power. Corporations control information through pledging the oath of confidentaility as a virtue since laekage of information is akin to the leakage of power. Consequently, the results of research forms the start of the transitions in the acquisition of power. This implies that knowledge is power since research gives one the opportunity to describe the source of information. Moreover, research is source of power since it involves one’s ability to translate what is not known to documented evidence spanning from both foraml to semiformal communication models.

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