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How is searching in a specific database different from searching in search engines?

Google is the most utilized search engine in the world. It provides a common outlet to knowledge and information for the students, scholars and practitioners from all fields of life, whereas 45% of the total pupils in UK, utilize Google for getting information with relation to their academic activities. However, specific online libraries are extremely focused and limited regarding their scope, with restricted access. On the other hand Google gives rights to access for virtually everyone with the internet connection. But, Google access the information from various internet sources such as websites, which are not rated as credible academic sources, due to this legitimate reason, researchers are using academic online libraries to gather literatre for their researches.  

Searching in Google is like trying to find a needle in the haystack, is that true?

This perception about the Google is based on false grounds, because Google utilizes the technique of ranking relevance, which relates the searched terms with the information available on the network of world wide web and fabricates the list of most relevant sources, in this way it produces a list of highly relevant websites. This process makes it extremely easy for the user to find out the relevant information. However, the vastness of Google sometimes makes the process of finding data difficult.

Culture is the major facet of any organization, what is the role of culture at Google in creating innovative products?

Culture is the collection of norms and values that govern the internal practices of an organization; therefore, it can be designated as the guiding principles for the decision making within an organization.

The culture at Google differs to a great extend, in comparison with its rival companies because it is characterized, with decentralization and delegation of authority. The relations among the employees and management are very friendly, whereas employees are encouraged to dress casually during the work hours. At the same time, they are offered flexible work timing, along with the friendly environment. Google supports its employees to better their educational qualification, so that they can perform their job according changing requirements in the industry, all of these practices are designed to alleviate the job stress among the employees, so that they can serve the company with their best abilities.

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