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Category: Research

Authorities in the Codification of the English Language

Languages are multidimensional systems that may be characterized by the existence of various forms to define and express a certain notion. Separate gr...
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Language Ideology: A Study of Arabic Language and Nationalism

Language, in most countries, is considered a symbol of national unity. Many people often associate a language with a particular nation, for example, A...
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Mediation Approaches

Introduction Mediation is an essential conflict resolution mechanism that involves the intervention of a third party in resolving a dispute in a rela...
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TACA Airlines

Introduction In the recent years, the aviation brand named the Avianca, or TACA Airlines, has been acknowledged as one of the most reliable airline b...
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Psychology Research Paper

Making a Difference Culture, ethnicity, and emotionality and experiencing emotions are the areas of focus in the first quarter of the essay. In the v...
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Asian Studies

The research describes the features of anime subculture, which was widely spread among the youth worldwide starting from late twentieth century. In ad...
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Japanese Architect Tadao Ando

Philosophers and writers use words to express thoughts and make other people think. The power of words over reality is immense. Like any kind of art, ...
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Research Steps and Their Interrelationships

Research is a process with a series of steps to follow. Researchers always follow the steps before they can come up with the results to present to the...
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Conflict and Power: Walt Disney

Introduction Walt Disney Company is undeniably amongst the world’s most renowned conglomerates in the sphere of animation. Since the founding of t...
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Research Variables and Methods for Collecting Data

Definitions of Variables It is widely known that one of the most important concepts in research is that of the variables. There are various types of...
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Role of the English Language in Sports Broadcasting in the United Arab Emirates

Introduction Status of the English language as a lingua franca for global business is uncontestable. In particular, in the United Arab Emirates, Eng...
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Classical and Christian Pictorial Model

Classical pictorial model mainly was practiced in the Greek and to some extent in the Roman Empire. There was the belief in a supernatural power but p...
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