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20th Century Philosophy: Man and His Eternal Search for Meaning

The 20th Century was the timeframe of the latest and most complex turn in Western Philosophy: the Linguistic Turn. Some of the key thinkers of the era acknowledged that language had the ability to make things be, rather than continuing to perceive it as an object itself; others saw it as a means to communicate their understanding of the reality that they were part of. Be that as it may,…

A Poetic Riddle for Li Qingzhao, Wang Anshi and Du Mu

Li Qingzhao was a prominent Chinese poetess of the Northern Song Dynasty. She was a gifted writer of ci poetry and her talent was acknowledged already by the time she was 18 years old. Li’s parents were intelligent Chinese citizens, members of the upper social class. Thus, she received a refined education and grew up enjoying the progress and prosperity of the Song Dynasty. Li had a deep knowledge of…

Adolescent Images in Advertising

With the growing intensity of market competition, companies seek to expand their customer base. Adolescents are often considered as competent decision makers, and businesses develop health and beauty products to target this customer segment. It has become quite common to develop and market advertising campaigns, whose intent is to persuade the adolescent audience that their products are the best. More and more products are being developed for adolescents. Present-day adolescents…

American Enlightenment

Enlightenment – the heyday of the intellectual life of mankind, the emergence of new ideas, a new philosophy. It is focused on the value of life and personality of each individual and the recognition of the human mind as the main value. According to the words of the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant, “Enlightenment – a way out of the state of minority rights, in which it was their own…

American History

There are some factors that induced the homesteaders to settle on the Great Plains. One of the factors was the Homestead Act of 1862. The U.S government passed this Act in order to help the homesteaders settling on Great Plains. It required settlers to move onto the plains. Plains wars during 1860s and 1870s made the U.S government evacuate plain Indians, leaving room for homesteaders. Promotion of manifest destiny also…

Analyzing the Cultural Perspectives of Doing Business with Israel

In terms of economic and industrial development, Israel is considered one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia. It is the second country in the world after the United States in the number of newly established companies, and it has the greatest representation in the list of NASDAQ companies outside North America. Israel is a world leader in water protection technology and geothermal energy. Its advanced technology in software,…

Banking Automation

As it is known, there are four main factors of production. Some of them are material (land and capital) while others are human (labor and entrepreneurial talent). It is believed that the absence of some factors can paralyze the process of production so that product’s manufacture will be impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the entire range of required factors of production. For modern businesspersons, who want the effective…

Bonds and Interest Rates

Relationship of Bonds and Interest Rates Bond prices and interest rates vary in an inverse fashion, such that high interest rates lead to low bond prices, while low interest rates lead to high bond prices. If the current rates are in the region of 9% yet the coupon rate of a bond lies at 6%, an investor will not be willing to pay the full face amount for the bond…

Classical and Christian Pictorial Model

Classical pictorial model mainly was practiced in the Greek and to some extent in the Roman Empire. There was the belief in a supernatural power but people did not have a particular deity. As a result, they had images which they worshipped. Some of those images were represented in paintings and carvings. They believed that these paintings and pictures represented the supernatural power that they believed. Christian pictorial models came…

Collective unit

The call that was used in this assignment was made to an employee who works at wal mart retail shop as a cashier. The employee joined a labour union for several reasons. He wanted to be protected against racial discrimination. The employee also wanted to have an avenue where problems such as low wages and being overworked could be addressed. These are the major reasons why he joined the labour…

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