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Collective unit

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The call that was used in this assignment was made to an employee who works at wal mart retail shop as a cashier. The employee joined a labour union for several reasons. He wanted to be protected against racial discrimination. The employee also wanted to have an avenue where problems such as low wages and being overworked could be addressed. These are the major reasons why he joined the labour union.

According to the employee, there are no much changes since he joined the labour union. However, the labour union has engaged in negotiations with the wal mart management to have the salaries of its employees increased. However, this has not yet bee effected.

Other benefits that the employee has received from the trade union are legal advice. Whenever the employee has problems with the employer, the trade union is able to guide on the best decision to be made. There are also trainings that are carried out by the union that the employee has found important. Significantly, the employee has benefited from the union through understanding his rights as an employee. Generally, the union provides extra benefits.

According to the employee interviewed, he has never needed a union rep. however, he knows the union representative, and in case of any need, the employee can consult for any help needded. The offices of the union are known and therefore it is possible to access the individual.

Every day, employees are provided with one break. The break should be of a maximum of one hour. Individuals choose the time when they need the break and ensure that they have reported at the right time.

Union employees receive various services. The employees use the union to negotiate their salaries. Whenever the working conditions are not good such as long working hours, the employees can seek help from the labour union. The union is also important in ensuring that people are treated equally in the work environment regardless of their race.

Buy custom Collective unit essay

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