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Page is not updating when I try to submit my order. Therefore, I cannot submit it.

Our system places restrictions on files size. So, please check if you have attached any large files.

You may email files to us separately or through live chat.

Is it possible to edit an order if I select a wrong type of paper/educational level/amount of pages/urgency?

Our system does not allow the editing of the order details once they are submitted. We can, however, edit your order.

Based on your revised requirements, the order price may be different. We will work out the new price and ask you to pay the difference.

Will it be possible for me to increase the size of my order if I need additional pages?

This can certainly be done but you will need to complete another order. You will find this option by clicking on “My Orders” in your account.

You also have the option of contacting us via our company’s live chat service and our agents will help you.

When you assign a writer, how will I know?

Once a writer is assigned to your order, you will be able to see his or her ID in the “Writer” field of the applicable order.

Can you send my paper in a draft form?

We can. Simply select draft option on the order form. You will then receive a one-page draft when 50% of your chosen deadline expires.

Do not forget that we require extra payment for this service.

If I want a revision, how can I get this?

A customer may ask for a revision and this is provided free-of-charge in case your request is received within the timeframe we specify for free revisions. (This can range from 2 days to 30 days depending on the specifics of an order.)

Revisions can be requested by going to the “My Orders” section of your account, clicking on “Completed Orders” and choosing “Request Revision” against the relevant order.

Simply describe the corrections you need, choose a deadline, and submit your request to our writer.

You can also request revisions by contacting the customer service team.

If I want to change my contact details – email address or phone number – or my account password, how may I do this?

Personal information can be changed or updated in your account’s Profile section.

Once you have logged in to your personal account, find the Profile section, and choose “Edit.” Please remember to save any changes or updates you make.

How soon after placing an order does a writer get assigned?

Writers are located and assigned as quickly as possible. This sometimes takes only minutes but, at other times, can take a few hours. However, you may rest assured we always try to find you a writer in the shortest possible time.

Writer assignment can sometimes take a bit longer depending on such factors as writer’s availability, the paper length, deadline, etc.

Can you help if my paper needs revising but the timeframe for free revisions has passed and my request is a bit late?

In such a case, you should complete a new order and choose “Revision” as the type of order.

Is there a way I can speak to my writer?

We facilitate customer/writer communication by means of our company’s messaging service. You will find this option in your personal account.

Please feel free to use our live chat service to communicate with us or send an email if the matter is urgent.

When my paper is complete, where will I be able to find it?

Completed papers can be downloaded from the Profile section in your account. Go to “Orders” and Choose “Files.”

Also, when your order is ready, you will get an email from us. Follow the link in that email to access your completed paper.

Can your company help with tests?

Yes, we can help you to pass tests and/or exams. Just choose “Online Test” on the order form. In order for our writer to properly prepare, make sure you let us have as much detail as possible including the test’s date, time, length, location/time zone and login information. Also, please be sure to include any relevant files, lecture notes, materials, textbooks, etc. Essentially, you state your requirements and your assigned writer gets prepared, accesses the test site at the correct time on the due date and successfully completes your test.

My assignment involves coding – can you help?

The services provided by only include writing. Regretfully, we cannot accept an assignment that involves computer programming, coding or application/software development.

Do you send notifications and, if so, how can I expect these?

Our company sends automated emails when there is a change of status in a customer’s account or when certain actions occur. As well as email notifications, we may send you notifications by phone, SMS or by posting messages to your account.

Once you assign my order, how and where will I be able to see this?

All details concerning an order can be checked in the customer’s account. As an order progresses, its status changes as each stage is complete. For example, “Payment Verification” indicates a payment has failed (in which case you should reselect the “Pay Now” field to make the required payment or forward a receipt/confirmation of payment to us); “Processing” indicates that an order has been assigned and work has begun; “Sent/Completed” indicates order has been sent to you for checking/approval.

When do the customers receive their orders?

All orders are delivered to the customer according to the deadline they selected on the order form. You should note that we begin counting down to the deadline upon placement and verification of an order. When you are thinking about the urgency level of an order, please remember that completed orders are sent as soon as the deadline arrives (example: if you choose a 2-day deadline, your paper will literally arrive 2 days after your order is verified.)

Why do I seem to be having issues placing my order?

If our website is preventing you from placing an order and you have completed all mandatory fields, the problem may have occurred if your order has attachments. In this case, you should email your attachments to us separately. Please display your Order Number in the subject field and our customer support representatives will make sure these get added to the correct order.

Where do you upload my completed paper to?

We upload each completed order to the customer’s account as soon as the deadline expires. You will find your paper under the “Files” option in the “Completed Orders” section.

If I have problems paying for my order, what might be wrong and what can I do?

First, you should know that our company does not have any direct involvement in the handling of payments. In the event you have such problems or get error messages such as “payment not authorized” or “payment failed”, you should begin by trying another method e.g. a different debit/credit card or a different payment system. If the problem persists, try using a different browser or device. In the event you continue having difficulty, we recommend you to contact the bank or payment company you use to resolve the matter. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to ask our customer services team for advice.

Are you likely to deliver orders before the deadline if your writer(s) get them completed earlier?

Our writers work strictly to agreed deadlines. The deadline a customer chooses determines the cost of an order and, therefore, the salary paid to our experts (writers, proofreaders and editors) for their hard work. Consequently, it is not possible for us to ask our writers and/or editors to complete orders before the due time unless they are compensated for the deadline change.

Does your company send completed papers by email?

Completed papers are uploaded to the relevant order in the customer’s account upon expiry of the agreed deadline. We also send an email containing a link for you to follow to access and download your paper.

If there is a particular writer I would like to deal with, do I have to pay for this writer if I select the supreme level of service on the order form?

Our supreme level of service provides a guarantee that we will urgently assign an advanced-level writer out of our 30 best writers, the one with expertise in the subject of your assignment. If there is a particular writer you prefer – one that has already worked on an assignment for you and who you found satisfactory – you may request that person on the order form and select our premiere service. You can find the ID of your preferred writer by checking a previous order and include it on the order form. From there, our Writing Department will assign your choice of writer to your order. There is an extra charge of 15% for this service, which will be paid directly to the writer you have chosen. Furthermore, by choosing our supreme level of service, you can expect a full plagiarism report with your completed work.

I would prefer not to disclose my phone number to your company. Is there a reason you ask for this?

Providing personal phone numbers is not an obligatory requirement. Nonetheless, having your phone number enables us to communicate more effectively with you, particularly if we need urgent clarification of some issue, and it helps to improve the process of completing your assignment.

Is your writing service 100% confidential? I am worried my personal information might get shared?

At, the Privacy Policy which we operate by is extremely strict. We do not save any personal information about our customers after orders are completed. During the writing process, we take it upon ourselves to keep any information that is provided to us completely private and totally secure. We do not share personal information with any external parties nor will anyone ever know you got assistance from our company. Our privacy policy is also for the benefit of our writers. To protect your privacy, we do not reveal your name or gender to your assigned writer. Likewise, we do not provide their personal information to you.

Regarding your revision policy, can I only request one revision during the period defined for free revisions?

The number of revisions a customer may ask for during the time allowed for free revisions is unlimited.

It is important my paper does not contain plagiarism. Does your company provide a no-plagiarism guarantee?

We have undertaken to provide only the finest quality original work. Therefore, we assign each order to a suitably qualified and experienced writer and that person does any research that is necessary before they write a completely new paper for you. We use our company’s own anti-plagiarism testing system to test every completed paper for originality before it is uploaded to your account. Our company does not rely on Turnitin because this system has a tendency to save all the texts it has previously checked, and so causes a problem if the same papers are submitted again.

How do I know who will complete my assignment?

The writers employed by are all excellent – the team is comprised of the writers who have expertise in different disciplines, have different levels of experience and are qualified to write for different levels of education. The Writing Department will carefully choose the most suitable writer for your assignment while taking all your requirements into account.

I need my papers to be proofread and edited – how can I know this will be done? offers a VIP service that allows the customer to choose some “extras” with their order. These include the option “Get an order proofread by an editor.” To avail of this, just click on the VIP option on the order form and we will add this to your order’s total cost. Upon receiving your payment, we will arrange for your paper to be proofread/edited by an expert when your assigned writer has completed it.

If I want to find out if a writer has begun work on my order, how can I do this?

The status of an order can be checked manually via your personal account. When you have successfully made the necessary payment, the status of your order should get displayed as “New.” This updates to “Processing” once we assign a writer, and to “Sent” when we upload your completed paper to our system.

Another way to get instant notifications of an order’s status is to use our company’s VIP level of service, which ensures you are sent an SMS/text notification when the status of an order changes.

I need my order completed more urgently than I indicated on the order form. Can this be done and what action do I need to take?

This is not a problem for us – we will gladly complete your order as you desire. However, we will require a little additional payment to accommodate the new urgency level (i.e. to reimburse your assigned writer for the deadline alteration). The amount of this additional payment will depend on how many hours/days difference there is between your original and revised deadlines. Here is an example: if your original order indicated a 9-day deadline, but you now need that paper in 5 days, we will ask you to pay for a 4-day difference. We verify the revised price on our website, generate a new compensatory order, and forward a link for you to make the necessary payment. Once your payment is received, your writer will work to the new completion deadline.

What is the extent of your company’s responsibility?

The moment a customer submits and pays for their order, our representatives begin searching for the most suitable writer and we undertake to provide our customers with 24/7 assistance and support. At every step throughout the entire process – during the order placement, writing, editing and plagiarism testing stages – we undertake to keep the customer updated. guarantees to deliver every ordered product according to the agreed deadline.

My assignment is extremely complex. Do you think you can help me with this?

We have a large pool of writers who are skilled in all levels and types of writing. For example, whether you are a high school or PhD student you can rely on us. We also invite you to provide instructions for your assignment in advance so that we can confirm that we have writers available (or not) who will be able to handle your complex assignment.

The order form remains gray and seems to continue loading when I select “Proceed”.

This may be happening if your order has attachments in the format or size our system does not support. We recommend you submit your order on its own and send any attachments separately by email or live chat.

Your system is still asking me to pay for my order even though I have already paid.

If you have already submitted payment through our site and received an email receipt, please send a screenshot of this to our Financial Department. You should also look in your spam/trash folders if the receipt is not available. If there is no receipt, please refer to statements from your bank or card providers to see if the amount has been deducted. The absence of a receipt or bank/credit card charge on your statement would indicate the payment was not successful. In that case, we recommend you to try using other payment methods or try using a different browser or device as described above.

Can I find out in advance if you can complete a certain assignment before I place my order for real?

Sure! Just forward the assignment details to us by email or live chat and our writing team will tell you if a particular task can be done or not.

I am reluctant to provide my correct phone number and email. Does your company insist on this?

Although it is not compulsory, we very much recommend that you provide real contact information. This enables us to get in touch with you quickly if something urgent arises e.g. we need additional instructions, order information, etc.

I understand your company offers refunds. Do these take long?

You should allow anything from 3 business days to 5 although a lot depends on how your bank works.

Can you remind me again how I can contact my writer if I have any questions or concerns?

We offer you the opportunity to contact your assigned writer whenever you need to. The best way to do this is through our easy-to-use messaging service, which can be found in your account. If you have an urgent issue or you need to send us some additional files/information urgently, remember you always have the option of contacting our customer support team via live chat. We are on hand 24/7 for the convenience and satisfaction of our customers.

When my paper is complete, where will I find it?

The easiest way to access completed papers is through your account. Go to “My Orders,” then “Completed orders,” select the ID of the order you are looking for, and you will find your paper in the “Files” section.

Should you experience any difficulty locating it, feel free to get in touch with our customer support representatives and they will be happy to assist.

When are final papers made available and will they be completed on time?

Completed papers are always provided according to the deadline. This is one of our guarantees. When placing your order, make sure you select the deadline that is most appropriate for it and our diligent writers will work to that deadline. Additionally, you can check your order deadline by going to “My Orders,” then select “Processing,” and click on the ID of the order you are interested in. There you will see the option titled “Delivery” and this will display the precise time your order is due to be delivered.

If my order requires a specific book, can your writer buy this?

No. Our company policy states that it is the customer’s responsibility to provide us with all necessary materials for their order if these cannot be freely obtained online.

After several attempts, your website does not let me submit an order? What do you recommend?

First, refresh the order page and check that your order has no large attachments. Remove all attachments and email these to [email protected] or live chat team.

I have been asked to extend my assignment by one additional page. What do I need to do to pay for this?

Go to your account, look for “Additional Orders” beside your existing order and send us the completed form. From there you will be redirected to our payment area. Your new additional order will get linked to your original order. Feel free to speak to our customer services team where our agents will gladly complete the additional order form for you.

I cannot find the type of paper I need on your drop-down list. What assignment type do you recommend in this case?

You are welcome to send us the instructions (or a portion of the instructions) for your assignment. Our customer support team will check and recommend the best order type to suit those instructions.

Are the prices displayed on your site negotiable?

The fees shown at our site are set. However, if you have any special circumstances or want to discuss the cost of a specific project, you are welcome to discuss your situation with our Live Chat representatives. Our company also provides a flexible range of discounts, which are described on our website. It is very likely you will be offered some level of discount if you make an order right now.

The order form seems to continue loading, freezes and does not go to completion. Can you advise what the reason might be?

This may be happening if you have tried to attach one excessively big file or multiple files that our system cannot process. If this is the case, we recommend you to place your order on its own and then upload your attachment(s) via your account or ask our support team to help.

I have an hour-long online test coming up soon. There does not appear to be an option for this urgency level on your website. Is this something you can help with?

We can certainly help with this if we have a suitable writer available to take your online test. We recommend you to speak to our customer support team to check if an expert is available before you submit your order.

If I want my refund as bonus credits, is this possible and how do these bonus credits work after I receive them?

First, you should let our Customer Service Team or Financial Department know (by phone or live chat) that you want your refund to be issued as bonus credits. Then, when your request for a refund is examined and approved, they will immediately add the bonus credits to your account. The next time you try to place an order you will be prompted to use your credits to pay for your order. It is that simple.

When and how will I receive my completed paper?

One of the mandatory fields in the order placement process is that you select a timeframe for completing the order you are placing. Your assigned writer will strictly adhere to the timeframe you select. Here is an example: if your choice of deadline is 4 days, we will send your completed paper to you in exactly 4 days. It will be uploaded to your account. You will be notified by email that your paper has been uploaded. Then you are free to log in to your account when you are ready to download your paper.

I am not sure what type I should select for my order. Can you advise?

To get a better understanding of precisely what you require, it is best to contact our support team by email or live chat. You are welcome to send the instructions for your paper before you proceed to the order placement page. Our representatives will scrutinize the instructions you sent and advice you on what order type is most suitable for your needs.

Does your company guarantee high-quality papers and any specific grades?

While cannot promise or guarantee any specific grades, our company does guarantee that customers will get the finest quality papers. To give you even more confidence, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that every writer we employ has either a Master’s or a PhD degree in various subjects. We are very proud to say we have over 20 years’ experience in the writing industry where we have enjoyed great success and have numerous very happy customers. You are welcome to take a look at samples of our papers if you want to be sure the quality of our work meets your satisfaction before you place an order.

If I order a paper from your company, who will work on it?

Every order you place with us is assigned to a highly qualified writer with expertise in your subject or field. Our writers are all extensively experienced and many are teachers and college professors.

I would like more information on your company’s pricing policy? Can you explain it?

We use a number of factors to determine the overall price of each order. For example, prices are based on such factors as the size of the order (how many words or pages are needed), the type of paper you need, what your level of education is, how soon you need the order completed and, in some cases, various other requirements. If you are thinking of placing an order you can check the likely cost in advance by visiting the “Prices” page on our website or by contacting our customer support team via live chat. Our representatives will happily help you calculate the cost of your order.

I have written part of my paper myself. Is it possible that one of your writers can complete the rest of it?

This is definitely something our expert writers can help you with. If you have any concerns or questions about this type of order, you are welcome to contact our Customer Support Team via our Live Chat system. Our representatives will be happy to help you.

What hours does your company work? operates online on a 24/7 basis. We are here to help you at any time you may need us.

Does your company accept urgent orders and how do you handle these?

Rest assured that we have vast experience of working on urgent orders. Our best advice to you is that you contact our Customer Support Team before you place your order. They will advise you how to proceed and this may save you time and ensure you get your assignment completed when required.

If I need to have a paper or parts of a paper corrected, does your company offer a revisions service?

If you have received a custom-written paper from us and you believe it has not been completed according to your instructions, you may certainly ask us to revise that paper. Our standard revision service accommodates requests for up to 48 hours after we deliver your paper. If we have not followed the initial instructions which you provided and these have not changed while the writing was in progress, we are obliged to revise your paper free-of-charge. However, if it is the case you have new or additional instructions you want our writer to work on, we will ask you for extra payment to compensate our writer.

If I want to check the paper I received from you for possible plagiarism, is there a way I can do this?

Our VIP service, the option “The Plagiarism Check” offers you the opportunity to choose and pay for a plagiarism check during the order placement process. If you select this, you will be able to get your papers scanned at a trustworthy plagiarism-checking site, i.e. This option is applicable to any text, not just one you order from, and you can expect to be provided with this opportunity for one year at no extra cost.

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