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Domestic Violence

Free «Domestic Violence» Essay Sample

Alcohol and drug abuse has been one of the major causes of domestic violence since time immemorial. And whereas adults are those who fight, children are the most affected. This paper will focus on the effects of domestic violence, especially caused by the use of methamphetamine. Using Oregon as the case study state, we shall focus on the current laws, concerning the use and possession of meth around children. Additionally, we shall discuss their pros and cons, and give recommendations to their effect.

Being the victim witness assistant of the presented case, I would advocate this mother to be petitioned on abuse, and neglect charges. As a result, it would be possible to put children up for foster care. Ignorance has no defense, that is why, this mother should aware of the existence of the constitution which protects her and children from such an irresponsible boyfriend. She would have approached the relevant institutions, which would then be obligated, to ensure the boyfriend is arrested and prosecuted.

Bliss describes the existence of a methamphetamine lab as ‘problematic’, due to the volatile and toxic chemicals used (1998). Thus, the lab in itself is a hazard enough not only for adults, but also for children. The fact, that this mother exposed this lab to her children, is a reasonable proof she is not fit to raise a child and to leave them alone.

Should the mother not be petitioned, she would most probably expose her children to another risk, which might be fatal. Therefore, social workers should keep a close eye on her and should also teach her one or two things about parenting. Moreover, evaluations should be committed randomly to ensure that she has the ability to raise her own children without supervision.

Currently, possession and use of drugs around children is considered as child endangerment. According to the law, any parent or guardian who endangers a child should have the child taken away from him/her and put in better hands. Such laws have helped a lot in reducing the number of children being brought up in unhealthy environments. They both  saved their lives from the harmful effects of meth and the fact that these children would most likely end up drug addicts, just like their ‘mentors’. When children are taken away from these environments and brought up in foster care, they get a second chance in life to make the most of themselves.

Since the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA) of March 9, 2006, describes Oregon as having the most dramatic decline in meth related crime these laws should be embraced by all states and countries.

All parents should bear responsibility over the safety and well being of their children. Those, who shy away from this responsibility, should be prosecuted, and their children put in better care. The issue of drug use and possession among children is of grave concern. Children have no idea how harmful theses drugs can be. Thus, they should be protected by all means necessary even if it means enacting harsh laws.

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