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Importance of Human Resources in Health Care

Free «Importance of Human Resources in Health Care» Essay Sample

Human resources began to develop an independent sector in business companies and organizations under its earlier, more narrowly descriptive names in the 1930s. This sector gained great importance in the business environment, which has steadily increased over the next decades. Nowadays, human resources continue to grow in usefulness and relevance (Fallon, & McConnell, 2007, p. 13). They provide vital services to any organization and health care providers are not exception. Human resources of Health Care can be defined as “the different kinds of clinical and nonclinical staff responsible for public and individual intervention” (Kabene, 2006). To consider the importance of human resources, it is necessary to observe the history of development of human resources department and outline the essential tasks and goals of human resource professionals and human resource managers, which are necessary, in order to organize successfully healthcare work.

An overworked administrator who wanted to hire a sufficient number of employees to maintain a normal plan was the origin of most contemporary human resources departments. Organizational growth and expansion of services provided the improvement of administrator’s ability to select and hire employees. Due to it, compensation issues were delegated to personnel.  It caused the increasing of personnel office in size and complexity. The name of the department became Human Resources. As many people wanted to work at this department, formal college-level training programs have been developed in recent years for them. Nowadays, human resource professionals are one of the most important parts of Health Care at all (Fallon, & McConnell, 2007, p. 1).

To achieve success in their profession, human resource professionals have to be aware of what is happening in community. It means that, firstly, they are to communicate with the stakeholders of the organization, inform different group about the importance of health care in the community, and participate in community boards, networks, and professional organizations. Secondly, they have to organize effective system of recruitment, as it is the most important key to success, because in healthcare, the quality of separate personnel makes the different to patients and influences the organization’s bottom line. In order to achieve this goal human resource professionals are to work on creating and developing of a high-performance environment in order to provide effective delivery of care; endeavoring to recruit health care professionals that are able to satisfy all needs of patients, and setting targets or goals for the future in order to have continuity in providing care. Finally, human resource professionals should be able to use analysis tools and measurement to achieve good results. They are to be familiar with benchmarking tools and technology systems, government regulations on health care, and health care business practices (Pondent).

Human resource managers also play a very important role in the achievement of success in Health Care practice. They complement the work of human resource professionals. Their task is “to manage employees at all levels of an organization to achieve organizational goals” (Niles, 2013, p.3). It means that they define the system of selection of new employees, staff the jobs with qualified individuals, control the work of employees and move it in the right direction, provide employees with necessary tools (hospital beds, drugs, surgical equipment, antiseptic and other necessary things for the clinical stuff), establish detailed plans for the future, and allocate resources to achieve those plans, delegate responsibility for carrying out the plan, and monitor results versus the plan in some detail (“What is the,” 2012).

To sum up, human resource department is very important in Health Care because human resource professionals perform such necessary duties as participation in the community, development of successful recruitment, as well as human resource managers, who complement the work of human resource professionals and organize the work of employees on all levels in order to achieve the planned vision.

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