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Three Estates

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Free «Three Estates» Essay Sample

A question of the social estates is essential today. By identification of the modern estates it is possible to analyze the world society and find the reasons of different social processes.

The elements of estates in the 21st century are not the same comparing with the period of the French Revolution. One needs to discover the notion of three estates in the 18th century in order to analyze the modern society.

In the research of three estates, Schwartz (n.d.) mentions that in the feudal society, there was a division on “estates.” To the first estate belonged the church (the clergy), to the second estate belonged the nobility, and to the third group belonged the peasantry.

The modern society could be divided into more than three groups. Nevertheless, one proposes three main estates of the world society. The first estate is “a golden billion” and includes those people who have a profit more than $ 1 billion per year. The second estate is “a grey working class.” It is a basis for the democracy in many countries. The third estate is “a poor billion.” This estate is the characteristic for the countries of “the third world.”

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The meaning of three estates is different in the 21st century. Nevertheless, there are still three big groups of the society. The church today does not have such influence as it used to have in 18th or 19th centuries, and the estate of the peasantry is not so big as it was at that period.

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