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Global Warming

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Free «Global Warming» Essay Sample

Global warming has remained a core subject among policy makers cutting across a number of developmental pillars; economic, political and social. The rise in the average temperature of the atmosphere and that of the oceans has, in fact, become a paramount concern by all governments as well as organizations across the globe. Its causes and ways of minimizing remain in the domain of sincerity and the good will of any human being. However, the extent to which the vice has spread in the world is far beyond a point of ignoring. It is clear that the damage is manifested for all to witness, thus collaborative measures, aimed at reversing the trend, are needed from all corners of the world.  The crucial aspect of global warming falls on what contributes to these eminent climatic changes.

Human activities have, for a long time, been linked with global warming. In this respect, it should be said that being the cause of global warming man has the key to slowing down if not ending Global Warming. Life in today’s world is radically different from what it was five decades ago (Goldetein, 2009). The cost of living is increasingly going high. With the need to address this unfortunate reality, men and women have involved themselves in activities meant to provide a solution to them. Contemporary, the society has witnessed technological advancement, which is developing at an alarming rate. This has caused ample facilities and activities being initiated to safeguard the life of people. These facilities do play a vital role in accelerating global warming. They provide the crucial needed finished products, which people continue to use in their day to day life. Apart from being a place for adding value to the raw materials from various areas, the facilities also address the unemployment. This said and done the facilities pose a substantial threat to the normal living of humanity. They discard dangerous emissions to the atmosphere, polluting the environment on top of contributing to the greenhouse effect (Goldetein, 2009). At the top of the list of industrial emissions is carbon dioxide gas. This is a gas that results from combustion of fossils such as coal, petroleum and their products.

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For a long time, researches have evaluated the possibilities of carbon dioxide leading to global warming due to the concept of the greenhouse effect. It is true that human beings have engaged in activities which have boosted the level of carbon dioxide in the air, destabilizing the natural carbon dioxide homeostatic mechanism. This has raised the concentrations of the gas in atmosphere forming a blanket that traps the reflected radiations from the Earth surface. Consequently, heat regulation is tampered with escalating the temperatures on the Earth surface. This whole episode culminates in effects of greenhouse, consequently leading to global warming.

Among the developed world, the principle factor pointed out to contribute eminently to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is an increase of industries and factories. These countries have witnessed accelerated growth in the number of industries and factories, which have an eminent influence on rate of global warming.  Stoyles, Demant & Pentland (2003), noted that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is directly correspondent to the number of industries and manufacturing firm. This increase in carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere has elicited activists and environmentalists concern. Behreandt (2008) argues “that environmentalist “journalist” in UK as to begin calling for a war against industrial emission of carbon dioxide.” These calls from environmentalists serve to assert the conspicuous and pronounced effect carbon dioxide purport to contribute to global warming.

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Similarly, the increase in the number of motor vehicles, in several parts of the world, has also been associated with increased levels of carbon dioxide gas. It is vivid that most cars use petroleum combustion engines as a source of energy, to propel the vehicles. One of the products during petroleum combustion is carbon dioxide. With the growing population of vehicle hitting the road every day, the rate of carbon dioxide production is deemed to have concurrently increased. Vehicles contributing to this effect include cars, motorcycle, ships, airplanes and other transport machines. Therefore, involvement of man in the motor vehicle industry qualifies him to be a direct contributor in global warming (Behreandt, 2008).

If anything has to be done with the aim of lowering carbon dioxide concentration in the air, the quantity of vehicles on the road has to be cut down, or mechanism to trap, recycle or reuse carbon dioxide emitted instituted. In such a way, the world will obtain a successful impact in controlling greenhouse effect, and thus regulating global warming. In some countries, there is the call to set up electric trains that will reduce the number of cars in the road. Other measures include embracing the use of bicycles, public transport over personal cars and using solar panels as domestic and industrial energy source.

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It is quite difficult to cut down the production of carbon dioxide entirely since every aspect of combustion results to this gas. The largest source of energy, in most part of the world, happens to be petroleum and its products. Successful combustion of this product culminates to carbon dioxide production (Brennan, 2011). Judging from this point of approach, the problem can be consummately dealt with through crafting and implementing policies that aim at reducing carbon dioxide release. In this line, the target should be to reduce the quantity of the gas being released from the sources. Industries should embrace the use of filters that trap carbon dioxide fumes. On the same footing, exhaustion tubes should be harnessed with carbon dioxide fume filters. Effective implementation and monitoring of these policies will considerably reduce the concentration. Consequently, the greenhouse effect will decline sufficiently. Conferences have been dedicated to addressing the manner and the extent to which any industrializing country needs to consider these policies.  In this regard the Kyoto protocol has been highly contributory (Behreandt, 2008). Therefore, there is an awakening call upon countries to become not only concerned by their levels of emissions but to take the responsibility for those affected by the emissions both internally and externally.   In this line, the issues should be to reduce the quantity of the gases being released from these industries and factories.

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Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is itself responsible for the formation of the acid rain. This increases the levels of acidification of the oceans which in turn lead to the rise in oceanic temperatures. It would be pertinent to note how some unscrupulous industries discharge their wastes to the water bodies. Most of their wastes pose a threat to the living organisms; both plants and animals. When this continues for too long, the proper natural atmospheric balance of the gases becomes affected. The resulting repercussions drive towards global warming.

Ideally, the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is supposed to be maintained at a safe level through a natural mechanism. This happens due to the carbon cycle. This is where carbon dioxide released by animals through respiration is supposed to be used up by plants in photosynthesis. The oxygen released by plants is taken up by animals for various bodily functions. Does it mean that plants are no longer in need of carbon dioxide? The process of photosynthesis has not yet stopped, and plants are still in need and using this carbon dioxide. The problem is that human beings have involved themselves in tireless cutting down of trees without replacing them in an equal or accelerated measure. Consequently, this has affected the balancing mechanism and destabilized it through selfish human activities of deforestation and environmental degradation (Stoyles, Demant & Pentland,  2003).

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Farming for the sole purpose of addressing a human need of fighting food insecurity is quite noble. On the other hand, it is disastrous when a farmer keeps a large herd of animals on a remarkably small piece of land. The natural vegetation, which is responsible for balancing the amount of the gases in the atmosphere, is affected. In addition, the modern farming methods have a share in contributing to global warming. The use of greenhouses results in the production of non environmentally friendly gases that impact global warming. The increment in the use of natural gas has significantly raised levels of methane gas in the atmosphere. This adds up to the greenhouse effects.

The continued use of non-renewable sources of energy has contributed to this problem. Non-renewable sources of energy have been known to be non environmentally friendly. A number of families who also use chlorofluorocarbons add to the problem of global warming. This is a serious blow to these efforts. Efforts aimed at bringing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to normalcy and thus reduce the rate at which temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans are rising. Burning of fossil fuels has been on the rise. There has always been a sincere concern for an alternative source of energy. The use of bio-fuel which is environmentally friendly has been advocated. Thus, a campaign has been geared towards planting some species of plants and trees from which it is possible to extract the bio-fuel. Another debate is that of coming up with vehicles that have a hydrogen driven vehicles. These good efforts have not been embraced fully as they ought to be. (Stoyles, Demant, & Pentland, 2003)

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With the realization of the adverse effects of global warming, people have found themselves submerged in this debate. Some have done it for the sake of just doing it. Others have debated it seriously in the hope that those who may be somehow responsible will be made accountable for it. There are persons who are engaged in critical analysis of the matter with the aim of establishing policies meant to fight this phenomenon; through legislation or public awareness.

“Carbon dioxide began to increase exponentially in about 1940. However, the temperature began to decrease in 1940, and continued until about 1975. This is clear and unmistakable evidence that CO2 is not causing climate change” (Behreandt, 2008). Behreandt did well to point out at why we, all those genuinely concerned with the global warming issue have diversified their diagnosis of the whole idea. His findings cannot be wished away especially at a time like this, when people have been more open to new knowledge and discoveries. What he should also offer as a glimmer of hope towards arriving at a solution is a suggestion of what should be done in the event of such conclusions. Perhaps, people have continued to subject the perceived contributors of the environment unfairly.

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The effect of carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere and the magnitude of effects attributed to global warming did not rhyme well in the 1900s (Behreandt, 2008). This evokes the possibility of having other causes besides the issue of increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Stakeholders in this avenue need to engage in ample researches with the aim of demystifying the topic fully. Earth scientists, geographers, environmentalists and those under whose jurisdiction this issue falls, should pool all their knowledge together to help people understand this more. When new research findings keep emerging, it is paramount to intensify the proof, as well. The world in general is interested in a reliable solution but not in endless discussions of what may be the actual cause of global warming.

Putting the whole blame to human beings alone would be unfair. Recognizing the role nature play in day to day life will be of necessity in this discourse. There are natural activities, which are beyond human control that have escalated the rate at which global warming has become so real today.

Sun, which is the core source of earth warming, has significantly increased the output raising the figures of solar radiation reaching the Earth outer surface. According to Brennan, 2011, this increase is averaged at 1.4 watts per square. There is also evidence suggesting that the earth’s position in respect to the sun has been changing. These changes, referred to as Milankovitch cycles, (Brennan, 2011), have a long run impact that has been attributed to decline in ice cover on the earth surface. This has resulted to the melting of ice and glaciers from mountain tops and flowing to the oceans in the form of water. Which has caused the rise of the level of the oceanic water posing a substantial danger to humanity. The much desired cooling effect becomes just another impossible thing regardless of its importance. The rising in oceanic water levels results to destabilized weight of both the Earth and the water masses, consequently leading to volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes.

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There is also the factor of gases and ashes emitted from volcanic eruptions. Despite the fact that these volcanic activities are rare, their impact cannot be downsized. The hot magma from the bedrocks in the form of lava does cover a tremendously vast area of land. The damages that such activities may cause to agriculturally fertile land inhabited by people could be detrimentally severe. This results to a situation where vegetation is covered with the volcanic ashes, which consequently inhibits their role of gaseous balancing (Goldetein, 2009). It goes without saying that these plants are responsible for ensuring a good balance of the gases in the atmosphere through photosynthesis. The gaseous component of the volcanic emissions contributes to the greenhouse effect.

Ideally, human beings have a magnificent role in controlling the rate of global warming if not entirely shutting it down. The immense activities that are contributing to propellers of global warming can be successfully controlled to reduce effects, such as the greenhouse effect, and rising sea level. This includes such measures as policies on environmental sustainability and maintenance, using friendly source of power, promoting green economy and proper waste management. This will leave the scientists with a platform of evaluating how to deal with the natural causes of global warming.

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In conclusion, the discussion above have among other things pointed out to the role people play in making their own life and the life other living organisms unbearable. The lack of concern for our neighbors has clearly manifested itself in this discussion. The peoples unwillingness to show collective responsibility has become evident. Their inability to safeguard what is beneficial to many for the common good has never been as rife as at these times. Human activities, therefore, are among the main contributing factors linked to accelerated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is believed to be the core of global warming.

The input of natural factors, on the other hand, cannot be neglected in respect to the causes of global warming. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, lightning despite being natural also add to the problem. Nevertheless, the available evidence, as discussed in this essay, does not place the blame squarely on these natural factors. The recorded rate of global warming could be as a result of man trying to adapt to the changing needs in the world; thus, these activities cannot be said to have solely resulted to global warming. The limit to which man has an influence to reverting global warming is only restrained to those factors of human activities.

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