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Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview

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Free «Master's Prepared Nurse Interview» Essay Sample


Education is the key to success. This is why every parent works hard to have his children in school to gain education so that they can gain this important life victory key. Every person has a future, and a dream to meet. Parents play a crucial role in shaping their children’s role but cannot make from them a decision what to be in future. This is because careers are individually chosen. Every individual has the right to select a career of his or her choice. Madam Laura Christie is a middle aged lady in the field of nursing.  She holds a Master of Science In Nursing-Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems. She has been in the nursing for more than twenty years now. Her mother died during her birth, and she was brought up by her grandmother who was a nurse. Laura loved her grandmother and believed she was the most important person in her life. She admired her grandmother’s determination in saving life and reducing suffering in every patient. This is why she decided to join the nursing field, and be among those who save lives and care for people’s health. I selected Madam Laura after reading her several articles in the International Journal of Nursing where she frequently discussed her career and its importance in life of all those interested in saving lives (Christie, 2012).

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Overview of the master’s prepared nurse’s career

The Master of Science in nursing-nursing leadership in health care systems prepares the highly developed professional nurses for a distinction in the leadership role for the daily changing health care delivery system. The interviewee pointed out that the course is designed to apply both the behavioral and cognitive skills sets indispensable to be an efficient and effective leader in health care environments. 

Reason for seeking graduate education

Currently, there is an increased demand for nursing especially in those areas requiring chronic and transitional care management. Madam Laura said that the increase in world population is calling for an increase in advanced nursing. Additionally, there are many health issues coming up as a result of industrialization and technological advancement. This requires more and more nurses to advance in education so that they can offer quality services to the limitless patients in all parts of the universe (Fatma, 2012).

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Description of the present position and role

Laura Christie describes the role position of the Master of Science in nursing-nursing leadership in the health care systems in the nursing environment. She points out that this program is designed to meet health care environments in the several ways. Firstly, the program fosters decision making and leadership skills. Secondly, it is accessible to all willing students across the country. Thirdly, the program supports the preparation of the PhD faculty as it provides a flawless entry into the PhD programs with a great emphasis on the health systems.

Usefulness of graduate education for present role

The Master of Science in nursing-nursing leadership in health care systems is structured to offer a foundation for career pathways for future leaders in the health care departments. The program prepares lifelong students who demonstrate flexibility, critical thinking, skill and knowledge. It also provides the groundwork for the doctoral learning in nursing. According to the interviewee, admission into the program requires a baccalaureate degree in nursing (Fatma, 2012).   This master’s program preference provides a thirty credit focal points for the master degree in nursing leadership and healthcare systems. The learners exit with the following options:

  1. Completion of twelve credits for specialty in the Executive Leadership. A certificate in executive leadership is offered.
  2. Completion of twelve credits specialty in the Healthcare Informatics. A certificate of Healthcare Informatics is granted.
  3. Flawless progression to the PhD level with health system research approach.
  4. Graduation with the Master of Science in Nursing-Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems.

Pearls of wisdom

The interviewee is comfortable with the working environment and the salary she receives. Moreover, she is willing to join a doctoral learning in nursing. She is determined to go back to school until she gains her PhD certificate in nursing. The professional nurse urges colleagues in the nursing field to advance their education, and join Master of Science In Nursing-Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems. However, she reminds learners that it requires commitment and personal sacrifice. This is because the program is demanding and requires a lot of research. She encourages everyone who is willing to join to do so before time elapses. She believes everyone can make it as she has made it. She has invested in her education and is willing to join the doctorial program in the next two years (Christie, 2012). The exercise encouraged me to continue working hard in life. The interviewee has finished the program despite her tight daily schedule and family chores. Therefore, it is an important program which deserves sacrifice and commitment. 

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