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Transportation and Communication in Future

Free «Transportation and Communication in Future» Essay Sample

Transportation and communication integrates human activities in the whole space and time. These systems are essential to the society and connect all economic systems together. Without transportation and communication all social and economic life will be isolated. Nowadays new uncertain trends of communication and transportation appear in the society because of additional needs and requirements of life.

The number of cars in cities is growing at a much faster rate than the human population. Cars are polluting the cities, increasing amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and consuming big quantities of petroleum. “The American dream of a car – or two or three of them – in every garage is beginning to look like a nightmare for our planet”, warns the former president of the World Resources Institute. Therefore, the thirst for automobile mobility inevitable lead to environmental and economic cataclysm. In 1950, there were approximately 50 million vehicles on Earth, roughly two for every 100 persons. By 1994, the population of cars had raised to almost 600 million – 10 per 100 people. If these trends continue, over 3 billion vehicles could be in exploitation by the 2050, exceeding 20 per 100 persons. Current rates of cars in U.S. are 70 per 100 people.      

Development of technologies helps to make the transportation system more environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles of different sizes and designs – including those powers by fuel cells – significantly reduce air pollution, greenhouse gases, and petroleum use. When powered by batteries they are especially suited to very small vehicles in a way that could expand mobility for many people. This is possible through a given period of time during which all vehicles entering the city would have to be non-polluting in use either electric power or fuel cells for their engines (Richards, 2001). Electric propulsion provides by far the best opportunity to create an environmentally benign transportation system.        

Future development of vehicles also depends on the development of the roads. Technological progress can offer flying cars in the nearest future solving road and traffic problems. According to scientific predictions, more than 1 million people will have visited the moon by 2050. 

The number of means of communication also is increasing very fast. At the beginning of 2000, there were only about 10 million mobile phone users around the world. This number had raised by almost 100 times to more than 955,5 million by the end of 2001, or 1 mobile phone for 6 persons. The number of subscribers to mobile phone population is increasing each year. According to statistics, there were 234 million new mobile users in 2000. Increasing has been stable at an average of 50% each year since 1996. The implementation of the global system for mobile communication (GSM) also causes the growth of the number of mobile users. At today’s rates of growth, the number of mobile users will exceed the number of fixed telephones. Nowadays mobile phones can also serve for many additional functions helping not only in communication (Ma, 2004).

Almost every person in today’s world use internet network to communicate with each other. Thereby, it leads to decrease of personal communication between people and in future can totally exclude the necessity to meet each other in real life. Now it is possible to be on the opposite sides of the world and speak to each other not only with the help of the phone, but on video chats looking at the opponent in real time.

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Development of transportation and communication systems continue to progress in order to deal with the lifestyle that are moving faster all the time. It has positive and negative sites and in the same time gives us new possibilities to fulfill the wishes. 

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