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Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

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Free «Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)» Essay Sample

Internet forms the critical core of technological developments that are shaping the contemporary world. The speed at which technology is changing is fascinating and alarming. Emergence of new programs employing internet and institutions demanding internet connections forms a critical reason to worry about the future of the internet. According to Steven (2012) the world need to adopt IPv6 since IPv4 is on its way to exhaustion. There are minimal IPv4 address remaining to be allocated and most companies and institutions are buying the idea of moving to IPV6 (Amirth, 2012).

 IPv6 offers a number of solutions to challenges of the future internet. Some of these challenges are inclined to lack security, mobility of applications, reliability, scalability economic benefits and quality of services (Feldmann, 2007; 59). IPv6 enhance connectivity at a faster rate and to a large community and at the same time promotes video conferencing and gaming. On the issue of security, IPv6 comes with its imbedded security protocol, IPsec. This will reinforce reliability and quality of services. The mammoth provision for IPv6 address figure expands scalability of the internet usage. This is because IPv6 use 128-bit addresses, which is far expanded compared to IPv4 32-bit address (Amirth, 2012). Therefore, IPv6 offer a sound solution for challenges of future internet.

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Clean Slate Internet

With the provision of the current internet architecture and design trailing towards the wall with minimal chances for expansion, designers have to adopt an option. Clean slate internet involves redesigning with the aim of improving abstractions and performance. This allows the designer to think outside the box aiming at developing new architectures. This is seen as an escape route from the cocoon of the current internet architecture that is hard to challenge or change with the aim of improving. With time clean slate internet will override the current internet due to the need for a design that will support the new technologies incorporating virtualization techniques, fast packet optical elements, wireless networks and mobility components. With the adoption of the Clean Slate internet, business will be boosted sufficiently due to changes in the interface. The worrying and cautious factor surrounding clean slate internet is the ability to determine the feasibility and safety of these new designs crafted from scratch (Feldmann, 2007). Therefore, there are high possibilities that clean slate internet will replace the current internet due to need to accommodate advanced technologies that require advanced designs. 

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