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Research Project Paper

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Free «Research Project Paper» Essay Sample


Management refers to how various aspects of organization are organized with the intention of achieving the desired goals. This involves the management of the interactions between the human resource and other resources available in the business organization. Research within a business organization are meant to identify the various techniques used by competitors so as to know the type of technique that can be used to gain advantage over the competitors

Research question

The guiding question in this research is to analyses the various management techniques that are being implemented by the competitors companies. This is essential because it helps the origination to come up with a technique that will be superior to the competitor’s technique.

Purpose of the proposed research

The purpose of the research is to investigate on the various management techniques used in various organizations. The proposed research is aimed at identification of the managerial techniques that seems to be best among the competitors.


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Ethical issues

While conducting this research, ethical consideration will be observed. Ethical behavior during the research is achieved by ensuring that ethics are followed while conducting the study. Ethical considerations that will be put into consideration includes the consent of the people being researched or the subjects. They need to be aware of what the investigation will be all about is important. In addition to this the cultural aspects of the people being interviewed needs to be considered as an ethical measures.  This is from the fact that ethical issues various from one community to another.

The methodology to be used

The methodology that will be used in this research will be qualitative research. The research will be looking at the quality of services offered to clients by the competing organization. The tools of qualitative analysis that will be employed in the research includes the use of questionnaire, interviews, and case study. Questionnaire is appreciated method for this research because it offers focused analysis to the management of the organization under investigation. Interview are meant to provide a detail results from the subjects being studied. The reason as to why the interview is essential in the development of the research is from the fact that it offers room for the clarification whenever someone has not understood. Case study is another method that is applied in the research. Case studies involves the study of a documented happenings. These cases are in a way related to the study that is being studied. Random sampling is the technique of sampling that will be used in the collection of data in the field. Random sampling is essential because it minimize on bias during the research.

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The various methods used in the collection has some bottlenecks. The use of questionnaire is limited by the fact that the people being questioned in the research may even not respond to the questions as required thus leading to a making conclusions that are misleading. The other form of limitation is in-adequate fund of supporting the research.


Management as a process concerned with the organization of resources in a business is an important role. The manner in which an organization is operated has an impact on the success of the organization. Due to this organizations may undertake to conduct research on a competitors organization to determine the techniques that they are using.

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