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Legacy Project

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Leaders of non-profit organizations spend massive amounts of time on fundraising, but most of them do not have the slightest idea of how to raise funds or even how to start looking for the donors. These leaders, however, already have very sharp and clear visions for the growth of the organization over a specified period, but without the funds, these visions only remain on paper. The leaders, therefore, need to get an understanding of the various funding opportunities available and how to take advantage of such opportunities to lure donors to fund their operations (Global Crisis Solution Center, 2008).

One of the tricks through which non-profit organizations can raise funds is through diversification. Every organization should aim at having more than one source of funds, so that in the event that one source stalls funding the organization, the operations of the affected non-profit organization will not halt (Foster and Fine G, 2007). One of the most key sources of fundraising is the government. In this case, the non-profit organizations that falls within a specific government agency’s line of responsibilities. For instance, local and state governments are likely to funds organizations supporting human services, education, and employment development while federal governments are likely to fund organizations in medical research, foreign affairs and food. The other way of fundraising for non-profit organizations is through service fees, since in some instances, the government uses such organizations for its contract. In such cases, the organization charges service fees, which are useful in raising funds.

Corporations also represent a major percentage of funding for most non-profit organizations. In most cases, corporations offer donations in kind rather than in cash. These donations go a long way in saving the costs for the non-profits organizations, as this funds which would have otherwise be used in buying the items is directed elsewhere. In a few instances, some corporations donate cash to the non-profit organization though in such cases, they organizations have financial and altruistic motives. Non-profit organizations should, therefore, take advantage of corporate social responsibility of corporations to mobilize and raise their funds.

Individuals also form a major component of non-profit organization funders. Small donations from few people build up to form major sources of funds, useful for broadening operations. In the United States of America, issues that relate to health and the environment tend to attract a lot of individual support, sine the benefits accrue in the future for the whole society (Garecht, 2012). To attract such donations, organizations should develop simple messages that people will trigger interest and connection with individual persons.

The other way through which organizations can get donations and raise funds is through online soliciting of donations. In the year 2010, the online donations marked a high level of $1.3billion dollars and the amounts continue to grow every year. This starts with setting up a website for the non-profit organization and then hiring a website manager to increase visits. In the event that an organization cannot afford a website manager, then they should make use other means to popularize the website like through the social media.  Then the organization embarks on advertising the site and this act as a way of attracting donors (Nonprofit Research Collaborative, 2012).

Organizations can also make use of quick fundraising tactics aimed at meeting short term financial goals. One of the tactics is reaching to current donors since it’s most likely that such donors will funds the organization again, if they already did it before and the funds utilized efficiently. Second tactic is running a mini-campaign on a planned project. This entails deciding how much the project needs and setting up a team to propel the campaign. Thirdly, organizations can raise funds through pre-selling future events’ tickets at reduced rates for recognition such as early sponsor or charter. Through this, the organization is able to raise funds for the current financial needs through future events (Garecht, 2013).

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