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Most Common Audiences in Civil Engineering

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Free «Most Common Audiences in Civil Engineering» Essay Sample

Civil Engineering is a worldwide course that basically deals with the general design, outline, and construction of bridges, roads, sewerage or disposal systems, and drainage systems. The course entails both theory and working in the field. Civil Engineering is categorized as the world’s largest course among all other types of engineering. It attracts the highest number of interested students and further gives professional engineers a large number of career opportunities in most countries. The course prepares students to become specialists that will be able to handle diverse fields in all institutions including academic centers, the government, and most construction sites. Also, Civil Engineering plays a vital role in society in terms of changing the structure of society politically, socially, and economically.

Politically Engineering enables the country to come up with an accurate policy that will facilitate forming the government structure. The design of a government institution is very important in terms of governing citizens in an efficient and effective manner. This means that Civil Engineering helps in construction of such institutions. Also, Civil Engineering as a course is important in the economic development of many sectors in the county. These include the agriculture sector, mining sector, education sector, and many more in terms of providing the required services such as designing of roads, schools, and so on. Finally, Civil Engineering is vital in terms of social cohesion because it helps communities to work together as experts in order to promote peace and unity (Walesh, 2000).

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Civil Engineering attracts many different professionals as it covers most areas that affect the majority of construction works. These are the audiences that the field attracts and offers services and manual help. There are several markets or rather audiences that are associated with civil engineering and the most common of them are governments of all countries, architects and surveyors, and consumers. Information on civil engineering is needed mostly by the mentioned categories of audiences. This is due to their relation to each other and their common interests, to say nothing of the practical aspect of civil engineering.

The main audiences use civil engineers as consultants in their profession and also as assets in undertaking several tasks, especially activities involving construction. Consumers employ civil engineers whenever they require a construction to be carried out. Architects and surveyors complement their profession with the help of civil engineers in a wide aspect. Moreover, the government needs civil engineers to help in building up the infrastructure of the country. Also, the local authorities as a part of the government develop housing and other facilities with the help of civil engineers (Silyn-Roberts, 2005).

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The government plays a huge role as an audience in civil engineering as it is the body that implements and executes laws and rules. The government plays an important role in providing employment to professionals in civil engineering as the largest construction work projects are ordered by the government. For instance, when there is a need to build a road or a highway, the government employs a large task force of civil engineers. Civil engineering professionals are diverse and include both junior and senior supervisors and chief civil engineers.

In addition, consumers also provide employment to civil engineers and serve as a primary audience in that field. Consumers widely give employment even to unlicensed civil engineers. This appears to be an informal form of employment, but it also gives them an opportunity to practice in their area of profession. However, the only body that can license civil engineers is the government. They are licensed after they have gained the required credentials for the profession including a four-year work experience with excellent results.

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Civil engineers participate widely in the area of their audiences’ professions. They have roles that enable their interaction with the parties involved. The roles they play are crucial, especially for the planning of any construction. Together with civil engineers, architects work on planning how to conduct specific activities. Surveyors, on the other hand, give their general knowledge on the layout, while civil engineers design how the construction will be positioned.  They all analyze the risks that could occur and effectively manage them. Civil engineering is a field that can incur huge losses if not professionally handled; thus, caution and consulting from all related fields are crucial.

Environmentalists seek advice from civil engineers regarding issues of contamination and where or how to install waste disposal systems. Civil engineers carry out environmental assessment and give reports on whether a construction can be set up in a certain environment or not. They work hand in hand with environment officials and come up with solutions or alternatives. There appears to be a difference in both fields, but few terminologies familiar to both parties help greatly in coming up with a resolution (Xeidakis, 1994).

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The government is assisted widely by civil engineers with digital mapping, whereby the government is able to plan on where to set up more buildings. Civil engineers with their expertise convert digital data and give advice to local authorities that handle issues on housing and other constructions. The government gets a draft of budgets on construction projects, thus, enabling them to plan the spending, especially on large scale projects. Therefore, both civil engineers and their audience complement each other and play different roles in their areas of expertise.

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