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Free «Final Exam» Essay Sample

The disadvantages to expert systems, such as:

  • No consistency exploited in reaching results
  • Deficiency in inventive reactions that human specialists are equipped with
  • Powerless of clarifying the sense and logic behind a decision
  • Complexity in computerizing intricate procedures
  • Lack of flexibility and aptitude to become accustomed to altering settings
  • Unable to identify the absence of an answer


During implementation, it is presently extremely difficult to build a hi-fi virtual reality practice, largely as a result of technical constraints on processing power, image definition and communication bandwidth. Nevertheless, such limitations are anticipated to ultimately be prevailed over as central processing unit, imaging and data communication technologies eventually develop into a more dominant and gainful aspects.


As there is substantial debate of “intelligent web agents”, the business cases up to now are better illustrated as “servers”. The instruments that are now expanded for engineering functions, are, certainly and fundamentally unable to coexist with the web, and are extremely dissimilar to engineering web servers. The web is client/server-focused and instruments need peer-to-peer interactions. A further essential issue is that agents need system revealing task-level semantics, and the web is familiarized around arranging platform revealing merely transfer and display of data.

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-2-       In nowadays information market, organizations must incorporate information systems into their businesses so as to realize competitive lead. Information systems help attain this gain via the augmented business intelligence they offer.

I would like to open a warehouse that deals with aftermarket sale auto parts, where I will computerize and store the entire inventory in a database, instead of the traditional hard file storage system. The warehouse is a subsidiary of “Midway Car Center”, the auto part sales parent company.  In order to maintain a huge database, I need to create database business software, consistent and reliable enough to store my entire inventory without any redundancy and insecurity, and at the same time can handle a huge chunk of information, thus integrating IT with the company’s business processes to cope with future changes, technology pace and overflow. The further steps of development would be as follows:

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The procedure will be plain and simple. The plan is to hire some developers to assess the store and write software based on SQL, or just purchase the software and bring some experts to install it and perform the necessary training for our staff. The software intends to mechanize the storage process and maintain our inventory, and furthermore manages taxes, profits, revenues, and shortage. This will help increase our profit, secure our database from any breach or loss, and at the same time help the warehouse and the parent company together deal with any technological change or emerging competition.


The analysis stage requires dialogue between system designers, IT experts, and the system’s prospect consumers. Within this phase, the scheme’s prerequisites are identified. At this period in the background design course, a relative conference would be carried out with the system’s anticipated users. We will have to discuss what we want and what we intend to do with the software to the specialists, in our case, our need for business software that can manage and maintain inventory and sales, so the designers can initiate their task accordingly.

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This phase entails the formation of a technical outline of the system. The system’s technical structural design will be presented. The designers must communicate with us the necessary graphical user interface (GUI) of the software.


During this phase, modeling files are put into the real system. This engrosses the structuring of a technical planning and executing database and scheme software.


The system is assessed and tested in this stage for bugs and errors, in line with significant success features and particular test stipulations.


Throughout this phase, the software is implemented into the warehouse’s business processes. User credentials should be formed to help users operate the system appropriately and easily.


This phase communicates the scrutiny of the system to make certain it is functioning in compliance with the warehouse’s goals. A help feature should be always incorporated in the system to help tackle and manage user issues.

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-3-       Business ethics is closely related to the frequent ethical inquiries that executives must deal with as part of their everyday business supervision. Businesses and firms progressively find themselves encountering outside strain to perk up their ethical pathway documentation.  An attractive aspect of the augmentation of user involvedness online has been augmented inspection of business transactions.

Pressure groups are a fine instance of this. Pressure groups are outside shareholders, they

  • Are likely to emphasize on activities & ethical practice of transnational firms or businesses with ethical matters
  • Merge direct and indirect activity that can harm the intended business.

Business and IT actions engage lots of ethical concerns.  Basic philosophy of technology and business ethics can provide guidelines for business experts when coping with principled business matters that might emerge in e-business, e-commerce, and further exploitations of information technology in our community. The employment of IT in e-business comprises chief repercussions on the world, and hence brings into light essential ethical matters within areas as:

  • Crime
  • Solitude
  • Independence
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Working circumstances

Four values of technology ethics that can act as the key ethical requisites that firms should abide by to maintain the ethical inference of novel information technologies (IT) and computer information systems (CIS) in business consist of:

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Proportionality – the benefit attained by the technology must prevail over the damage or threat.  Additionally, there should be no substitute that attains the exact or similar gains with fewer damage or threat.

Informed permission – those impacted by the technology should comprehend and acknowledge the risks.

Justice – the gains and loads of the technology should be equally allocated.  Those who profit should put up with their reasonable allocation of the risks, and those who fail to gain should not endure a noteworthy boost in risk.

Reduced risk – albeit approved by the other three parameters, the technology should be applied to keep away from all preventable risk.

-4-       IBM is under demands to reduce the rates of service delivery. IBM’s intention to bargain some of its IT assets can be a winning expansion plan in the current “competitive market” in which it functions. The Indian rivals are developing their own personnel in India and establishing programming and help hotspots somewhere else too. Some further advantages of IBM’s attempt are:

  • More people would gain access, thus bigger market
  • Eyes will be open on other IBM products
  • Competitive advantage will be provided
  • Only limited assets – VP Intellectual Property filters

-5-    IT business value study inspects the managerial performance effects of information technology (IT). Researchers have accepted countless procedures to evaluating the procedures by which IT business value is produced and to anticipating its importance. Different variables shape the business value force of Information Technology (IT). The major aspect is the association between IT and business processes, business structure, and policy. At the uppermost echelons, this positioning is attained via appropriate incorporation of project architecture, industry architecture, process model, organization model, and performance scales.

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At the stage of business computing and communications, the subsequent performance variables limit and partly verify IT capacities:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Accessibility
  • Dependability and recoverability
  • Performance
  • Safety
  • Dexterity

-6-       Mr. Boucher has been a primary contributor to each and every main telecommunications policy deliberation over the precedent 25 years. A small group that he presided administered the commercialization of the Internet and its evolution from a state-owned R&D scheme, and he authorized the 1992 regulation that allowed the first marketable exploitation of the Internet.  Mr. Boucher was influential in planning the early legislation proffering confidentiality rights for Internet consumers and has been an old advocate of just use prospects for digital media procurers. Another prominent figure that played a massive role in the commercialization of the Internet back in 1993 is Marc Andreessen, who has been a key accessory in facilitating the expansionary route of the Internet and World Wide Web and its availability to the layman, as a result of his expansion of Netscape Navigator, a browser that incorporates text, graphics, and sound. Marc Anderseen sanctioned “Mosaic”, which the NCSA group finished in 1993 and placed free of charge over the Internet. More than two million copies of the browser were on-hand the first year. Mosaic has caused a 10,000-fold boost in Web surfers over an interlude of two years. Those enormous events back in 1992 and 1993 acted as a precursor for the admission of the Internet to the public and opened the doors for myriad profits in the world of Internet, thus bringing people together and helping in what we now call the digital world.

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-7-       Before the development of DNS, the scheming between the host names and the IP addresses was upheld by the Network Information Center (NIC) in a file identified as hosts.txt. A reproduction of the hosts.txt file had to be upheld on all the processors on the system. As computers were established on the network, the hosts.txt file had to be updated and the fresh copy had to be reproduced on the other systems. This method became weighty with the surge in the number of PC’s that were to be affiliated with the Internet. The major and functional trait of a Domain Name Service is to facilitate the accessibility of website addresses, that is, make the website addresses easy to remember. Internet servers exploit IP addresses to set up their position on the global net. Web servers often alter, and website possessors might improve or shift their location to another firm. Without DNS, the full website address would vary. 

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