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Free «Conflicts» Essay Sample

The development of any society is a complex process that involves the emergence, development and resolving of various contradictions. Conflict is a situation in which each side tries to take a position that is not consistent with the interests of the other side. It is a special kind of interaction, which is based on incompatible goals, interests and behaviors of people and social groups.

According to Freddie Strasser and Paul Randolph (2004), conflict is an intrinsic characteristic of the human species in every society, irrespective of geographic, ethnic or religious origin. Conflict shows itself in all human activity and in every relationship that we create. 

Scientists distinguish four types of story conflicts: person vs. person; person vs. nature; person vs. self; person vs. society. People used to think that conflict has a negative meaning, and it is associated with aggression, deep emotions, arguments,  hostility etc. There is a suggestion that conflict is undesirable phenomenon, and it should be avoided whenever it is possible. Modern psychology views conflict not only in the negative but in a positive way, as well.  It is associated with the development and subjective interpretation of situations. 


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Spencer C. Tucker (2010) states that the 16th century was a period of religious strife.  The 16th century saw the beginning of wide religious struggle known as the Reformation that led to protracted warfare well into the next century, closing with the Thirty Years’ War of 1618-1648. This complex and confusing struggle, fought largely in Europe, began essentially as religious strife between Catholics and Protestants. Yet it was also from the beginning entwined with politics. The 16th century also witnessed a continued disjuncture between rapidly changing military technology and slower tactical modification, caused chiefly by the continued improvement of gunpowder weapons on the battlefield, especially the introduction of more powerful infantry firearms.

According to Spencer Tucker (2010), two great wars dominated in the 17th century in Europe. The first is the Thirty Year’s War of 1618-1648. The second big war was the War of the League of Augsburg, also known as the War of the Grand Alliance. 

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Religious war is armed conflict between different religious groups. It is often caused by religious differences, between countries with different religious or different currents within one religion often within the same country. On the one hand, religion pushes  people to live together in peace and harmony, but history shows the opposite. Religious differences have caused military confrontation.

Thirty Year’s War became extremely important European event that reflected political and religious controversy. Results of the war were terrible. Devastation that it caused was immense. Thirty Year’s War was the first war that has attacked all segments of the population. Many people sacrificed their life for what they believed in. Anne Askew is illustrious example of it. She was the Protestant martyr, member of the Reformed church. She was burned for what she believed in. According to Elaine V.Beilin (1996) she could have lived a prosperous, conventional life as a gentlewoman. Instead, she broke the law and defied the rules of society. People died for religion than and they are dying now. The problem of religious conflicts has become one of the most topical issues nowadays. Modern religious wars are crueler than ever before. Recent events, terrorist attacks in America are pushing international community to unite for war against international terrorism.  Terrorism is a socially dangerous activity that uses violence by hostage-taking, arson, murder, torture, and intimidation. It is sad, but everyday new country is added to countries which became the scene of violence on ethnic and religious grounds. Sometimes the world does not even notice that.  The recent events in the Rakhine State (Byrma), Turkey, became known thanks to the visit of Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu.  Explosions of 11th  September, actions of terrorists in Chechnya, Central Asia, Yugoslavia and other regions, destruction of Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan, numerous appeals to jihad and war against kuffar  make people wonder about the threat of aggressive Islam. Mussulman’s leaders are persisting to defend their social freedom. Ideologists of radical Islam submit that relations of peace are possible only after the overthrow of Western governments and creation of Islamic caliphate state.

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In the modern world much has been done to stop the demonstration of religious conflicts. However, people are dying for the love of God in whom they trust. Religion became a weapon. With its help it is possible to control the minds and actions of those who believe the words of aggressive politicians.

Different religions are not the initial problem of war. The main problem is humans. Modern society has changed. Views of the world, needs and interests have changed too. One can suggest that it is simply human nature and the problem is in the constant desire to achieve wealth and prosperity by means of others.  Without reference to history, ruling circles and politics resort to the use of religions to release their plans without thinking that the main idea in every religion is “Do not kill!”

Thirty Year’s War was finished by accepting Peace of Westphalia. It was system of international relations. This system is characterized by the idea of the balance of power. The principles of the Westphalia system are an ideal model of relations between states. Historically it was broken and religious conflicts between countries aroused again. To resolve them one should understand that religion can not be reason for war and cruelty. Everyone has the right to believe in own ideas and God but it should not provoke bloodshed.

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