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Exploring Personal Leadership Styles

Free «Exploring Personal Leadership Styles» Essay Sample

According to Robert N. Lussier, Christopher F. Achua (2010) leadership style is the combination of traits, skills, and behaviors that leaders use to interact with followers. The important component is the behavior because it is relatively consistent pattern of behavior that characterizes a leader.

Tony Kippenberger (2002) wrote that leadership styles are reflected in behaviors and attitudes, but these in turn are the outcome of complex interactions between the way we think and feel.

Over the years, many scientists identified various leadership types. Leaders develop an individual style with which they are comfortable. There are several common styles such as servant, situational, team, transactional and transformational leadership. The main idea of servant leadership is to serve the followers. Servant leadership is said to be about virtue rather than skills. Situational leadership involves informing what to do, when to do it, and who is to do it. Team leadership motivates people brought together in order to work and achieve different common goals. In order to empower the team members, leaders often have to move from an autocratic mode of leadership to a more democratic style. Transactional leadership has a deal both with rewards and punishment. It mostly attempts to motivate the follower by appealing to interests. Transformational leadership involves the process of altering and changing individuals. The leader is more attentive to the charismatic and affective factors surrounding leadership.

Everyone has their own natural qualities that make us drive, unique and full of motivation. Jeffrey Glanz (2002) wrote that the most leaders are made not born. Leaders must be able to transform people and motivate them to the higher ideals.

To know what kind of leadership is most approximate to my character I need to analyze own strengths and weaknesses. It is known that person cannot adequately assess own behavior and relations to others, see positive and negative features of character. Despite that, I will try to be objective. Most of my strengths could refer to a servant leadership style as I have such virtues as humility, unselfishness, trust, empowerment and service. First of all, I think about people, not as an instrument which can help to reach the top of the honor. Real leader can lead, find the right way, and take responsibility. Moreover, I understand that my competence, activity, initiative, self-control are very important. I am very sociable person. Sociability is openness for people, willingness to communicate. Performance capacity is endurance, possibility to work hard for a long time. Thus, it helps me to reach desired goals.

As everyone, I have some weaknesses as well. First of all, I have no experience as being a leader, and I am not sure how I would handle with a difficult situation like, reprehending or giving constructive criticism. In addition, I am not very good at public speaking. However, it is possible to mitigate one’s weaknesses. In order to fight with fears one need to go ahead events. It is needed to remember that there is always a possibility to learn something new. To reach desired aim one need experiment, be optimistic, moreover create own rules.

As a conclusion, I want to resume what features let me think that I can be a servant leader. A servant leader is effective at bringing people together and bringing out the leader in each of the followers. Servant leaders serve others in order to boost their self-worth and dignity. I am trying to do everything possible to reach aim, understand interests of majority, can sympathize. I am tolerant and ready to help.

I hope I will be a real leader, who is capable to lead people, to help them in difficult situations and offer some interesting ideas. I think that I am real leader because of my character. I am emotionally strong person. Character is not just emotions, temperament or control. It is also behavior to one’s ambience. Jobs, education, hobbies, conflicts let a person to open up and reveal own leadership style. 

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