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Research on SkinGraft Designs

Free «Research on SkinGraft Designs» Essay Sample

Clothing is one of the basic requirements among human beings. In the contemporary world, clothing is not just a necessity but an avenue of style and accolade. It is now a common approach among many to dressing according to the occasion at hand and with the aim of impressing and giving a positive appealing to the audience. Intriguingly, even in the official functions taking place in several parts of the world, fashion especially that inclined to dressing remains a topic to capture. Clothing is shaping the occasions in several ways that most guests have no option other than dressing for the occasion. Competition on dressing and dressing code has become inevitable especially among women. Individuals dress to capture the attention of the many and steal the show of the day.  Artists, celebrities, news anchors, reporters, youngsters among others are all fascinating in their choice of clothing. It is along this trail of fashion and costume design that Jonny Cota and Cassidy Haley cultivated the idea of developing SkinGraft Design.

SkinGraft is a design house located in Los Angeles ( It was established in the year 2005 by two individuals who were circus performers. Their interest in fashion and costume design has grown to incorporate several vast designs of wears that have captured the interest of many. It was not until 2007 when Katie Kay joined the two founders that they released their first collection designed dressings ( These costume sales have secured a sizable market share not only in America, but also globally. These designers focus on developing leather touch and leathery costumes that distinctively identifies SkinGraft Designers’ products (Price 2012). The products include men and women wear, and also pouch that are characterized by “post-apocalyptic couture”.  Several celebrities, such as Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Amanda Palmer, and Adam Lambert have been sported with outfits from SkinGraft Design (

The first bunch of release did set the floor for their brand, which is unique from most of the other costume products. The brand, which is crafted from leather, is given an outlook of metallic characteristic. The brand also includes popular leather holster purses that give the person a street show quality. The overlapping or layered outfit of the costumes is enticing and favored by the youth and celebrities. The origin of this brand is described by Cassidy, a cofounder, to be sourced from story books and fairy tales. The current release has seen more of ornamental engraved costumes than the previous set of clothes (Shieler 2012). The enterprise started with the cofounder joining pieces of leather which were then thrashed, decorated and fine-tuned to create a beautiful appealing product. Since then, Skingraft has grown to amazing volume design house.

The costumes can be described as romantic, aesthetic street-wear that depicts jokey, flamboyant and free style outfit. The clothes have less “seriousness” attachment, yet so appealing and fascinating (, 2012). The main landmark witnessed by the SkinGraft Design was in 2009 where they opened an online store with opportunities of ordering and purchasing. During the same year, they inaugurated their products at Los Angeles Fashion Week. This attracted ample players and formed affirm foundation for showcasing their product. In addition, it is during this year that SkinGraft opened a retail boutique still in Los Angeles. These profound steps played a crucial role in boosting sales and creating awareness of the products traded in SkinGraft Design.

The fashion brand adopted by SkinGraft is consummately congruent with the current society where fashion, simplicity, unique and the best. Therefore, with ever upgrading and fine tuning of the SkinGraft design, customers are eager to buy new design that is released every year. This assures the enterprise of consistent sales.  Sample products found in Skingraft Design have been availed in this paper.

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