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American History

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Free «American History» Essay Sample

There are some factors that induced the homesteaders to settle on the Great Plains. One of the factors was the Homestead Act of 1862. The U.S government passed this Act in order to help the homesteaders settling on Great Plains. It required settlers to move onto the plains. Plains wars during 1860s and 1870s made the U.S government evacuate plain Indians, leaving room for homesteaders. Promotion of manifest destiny also contributed a lot  to settling on the plains. This is because the U.S government gained control over the land.

In spite of many problems homesteaders were satisfied between 1870 and 1890. Firstly, the Desert Land Act, passed in 1877, gave homesteaders access to extra 640 acres that was unfit for immediate farming. Secondly, the new inventions and railroads spread across the plains during the 1870s and 1880s and this enabled homesteaders to get more supplies of tools, spare parts, and machinery.

The American steel industry grew rapidly due to the expansion of the nation westward in the nineteenth century,. This facilitated growth of railroads and spreading of the country’s market. Availability of vast land and labor allowed the industry to expand and provide manpower effectively. There was a great amount of natural resources, required in the industry, and the railroads were efficient in transporting those resources. All of that facts caused the rapid development of the steel industry .

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The position of women began to change in the United States from 1880 to 1917,. By 1880s, women had started to achieve professional, legal, and education equality with men. Also Elementary and secondary education became available for women. By 1900, 20 percent of women had been employed away from home. The image of a woman also changed as menstruation and childbirth were overviewed and considered as natural processes, but not as illnesses.

In my opinion, Darwin’s evolutionary theory that viewed women as inferior organisms might have triggered the above changes. The reason was that women wanted to disapprove the theory, and they strived extremely hard to show the society their ability and that they were not inferior beings.

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