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Category: Research

Rip Van Winkle: The Value of Traditions and Freedom

Introduction Nobody can sleep 20 years in a row. It is a medical fact. However, a long and enduring sleep can become a perfect allegory of change and ...
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Social Issue Research Paper

Statement of the Problem With the growing speed of information technologies revolution, the issue of technologies and their impacts on social inequali...
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The development of any society is a complex process that involves the emergence, development and resolving of various contradictions. Conflict is a si...
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The Responsibilities of Citizenship in a Democratic Country

This paper explores the question of the citizens’ role in democratic countries. How does citizenship influence democratic principles? The meanin...
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World Civilization

Antoine Bernard was born in 1225, in the central part of France. He came from a poor family. His parents had to bring up five children, so they worked...
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Karl Marx’s Estranged Labor

In the Estranged Labor Karl Marx talks about four different aspects of alienation of the worker. The first type is the estrangement of the worker from...
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Transportation and Communication in Future

Transportation and communication integrates human activities in the whole space and time. These systems are essential to the society and connect all e...
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Nefertiti was the wife of the great Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, who reigned in 14 c. BC. The bust of Nefertiti was created more than 3,300 years ago b...
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Exploring Personal Leadership Styles

According to Robert N. Lussier, Christopher F. Achua (2010) leadership style is the combination of traits, skills, and behaviors that leaders use to i...
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Final Exam

The disadvantages to expert systems, such as: No consistency exploited in reaching results Deficiency in inventive reactions that human specialists a...
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Heritage Assessment

Attitude to health is the result of relationships that characterize all the societies during the development of their culture and traditions in histor...
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Tourism and its Cultural Impact

Introduction – identification of Cyclades The Cyclades are Greek islands situated in the southern division of the Aegean Sea. The archipelago co...
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