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Category: Research

Dolphin and Orca Whale Hunt

Introduction Dolphins and orca whales are being captured for entertainment and their meat. They are transported all over the world, primarily Sea Worl...
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Stigma in Mental Illness

The mental health field faces major challenges. One of the key issues identified among people with mental illnesses is the symptoms experienced and pe...
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The Financial Future of Social Security Program

Social Security remains a major source of income for the retired Americans. The program has developed over the past years into one of the most popular...
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Return to Aztland

Introduction Social capital is the cumulative of the actual or probable resources that are connected to a long-lasting network possession of more or l...
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Research Project Paper

Introduction Management refers to how various aspects of organization are organized with the intention of achieving the desired goals. This involves ...
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Adolescent Images in Advertising

With the growing intensity of market competition, companies seek to expand their customer base. Adolescents are often considered as competent decision...
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Human Rights in the Developing World

Introduction The human rights appear to be a new issue in Africa. It is majorly considered to be a legal notion. It has been made possible by various ...
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Giovanni Gentile

Giovanni was born in Castevetrano and was inspired by intellectuals from Italy where he obtained the idea of autoctisi. In addition, he was strongly i...
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Social Marketing

Social marketing involves communication and persuasion to effect behaviour change within group of people in the society. It is about marketing a behav...
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IC Engine Efficiency

I.    Objectives: To understand the fuel conversion efficiency an engine and to measure the fuel conversion efficiency of an 8-cylinder...
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Historical and Contemporary Definitions of Race

Introduction Race is an important classification and it bases human beings into huge and differential groups (Malik 1996, p. 9). These groups are dist...
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Research Project

Wilma inherited a house from her uncle Bob, who passed away recently.  Bob had taken out a reverse mortgage on his home, which means that he was ...
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