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Category: Analysis

“The Story of an Hour”: Freedom through Death

“The Story of an Hour” written by Kate Chopin is the depiction of an unfortunate fate of Mrs. Louise Millard, who is a married woman that as she b...
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Urban Planning: “Chinatown” Film

Urban planning entails the development of the approaches to facilitate the development and the design of the cities. Besides, this term refers to the ...
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Rhetorical Analysis One: Gender Equality

There are numerous women movements fighting for gender equality. These movements aim at achieving a state where no gender is more powerful than the ot...
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Man with a Movie Camera, Santiago Alvarez & Cuban Nueva Trova

Question One Man with a Movie Camera is a film with no identifiable actors and story. This film is interesting as it reflects the urban life in the S...
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“The Storm”: Setting Paragraph

In Kate Chopin’s “The Storm,” weather plays a significant role as it appears a catalyst central to the meaning of the overall story because it h...
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Symbolism in “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien

An American novelist Tim O’Brien is known for his unconventional approach to typical stories about war actions. There is so much compassion, soulful...
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Intervention Review 3

Without doubt, the importance of the multisystemic therapy for risky groups of adolescents is worth examining accurately. Nowadays this issue remains ...
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Schizophrenia, Consciousness, and the Self

The article “Schizophrenia, Consciousness, and the Self” by Sass and Parnas (2003) reveals the basic terms and concepts of schizophrenia, ...
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“A Boarder Passage”: Analysis of Leila Ahmed

A Border Passage is a personal memoir that is based on Ahmed’s life from childhood to her adulthood and explores the themes of religion, culture...
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Chinese and Western Parenting Styles

Nature provides a child with the making, and parenting transforms the child into personality. Parenting teaches the child culture, enables it join the...
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“If We Must Die”

If We Must Die is a poem written by a famous Jamaican-American writer and poet Claude McKay. The piece is very symbolical. Its main idea is the promot...
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Leader Timeline

Jesus Christ Is the Best Historical Leader Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth was born 7-2 BC and died AD 30-33 at the age of 33. Both Christians and M...
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