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“A Boarder Passage”: Analysis of Leila Ahmed

A Border Passage is a personal memoir that is based on Ahmed’s life from childhood to her adulthood and explores the themes of religion, culture, racism, and governance. Ahmed’s growing up was colluded with various cultures as she lived in a country that embraced other people, yet she could not be accepted in college at Cambridge. She was forced to understand her identity through many cultures that she grew up…

“If We Must Die”

If We Must Die is a poem written by a famous Jamaican-American writer and poet Claude McKay. The piece is very symbolical. Its main idea is the promotion of heroism and bravery. McKay masterly uses many elements of poetry and creates vivid images to convey his thoughts and feelings. The poem If We Must Die has autobiographical motifs. It appeared during the period of violence against the black people, including…

“The Phishers’ Big Catch” Article Review

Among the variety of articles purposely related to spheres of e-business and intellectual property, which I discovered in the Web, I consider one especially interesting and indicative of legal subjects, which may arise in those spheres. It is the article “The phishers’ big catch” from The Economist. The article in The Economist reports about the huge theft of company’s data, especially e-mails. The author of this article pays special attention…

A Critical Analysis of the Film Sankofa

In his well-document film, Sankofa, Haile Gerima presents he story trails Mona, a current American classical on a film sprout in Ghana. She contains a conference at Elmina Castle that she does not distinguish was historically utilized for Atlantic slave trades. There, she meets a mysterious old gent, Sankofa, frolicked by Kofi Ghanaba, the distinguished Ghanaian performer. Mona is ecstatic to the past that, as a house retainer named King Jr Shola Luther on an estate in the United…

Adolescence Analysis

Adolescencece is a difficult struggle of personality to identify who he/she is, what he/she wants and where he/she goes. The process of adolescence is influenced by the society and family. Two articles describe different researches and their results in examining adolescent process and factors that influence it. The “Adolescent girls’ experiences and gender-related beliefs in relation to their motivation in Math/Science and English” article contains the scientific research that shows…

American Literature

1. The most famous work of the French writer and poet Antoine de Saint-Exupéry the novel The Little Prince in accordance with the words of the author embodies his personal philosophy. No doubt, the roots of the writer’s philosophy imagination lie in the events of his personal life. Thus, the dialogues between the pilot and the Prince can be perceived as the reflection of life values, the writer’s perception and…

Analysis of DO HO SUH Art Work

This article discusses Do Ho Suh’s Karma 2003 artwork with depiction to life happenings around the world. Do Ho Suh is a Korean artist with great art works before and after his Karma 2003 piece. The Karma 2003 piece is a well-documented artwork that depicts the many challenges that people undergo through globally. Karma 2003 is a three dimensional art piece that shows giant footsteps walking on people. The piece…

Analysis of Ed Sheeran’s The A Team

Ed Sheeran’s The A Team is a song that talks about life of a prostitute. In the song, the singer highlights what the prostitute has gone through as a “call girl” since her 18 years. Some of the issues the prostitute undergoes are struggling to pay her rent with the proceeds from prostitution, consuming illicit drugs to keep her alert and relevant in the business. Sleeping with strange men every…

Analysis of Portraits of American History

The first student from Virginia has a great grasp of the details in the painting. His thought that the Apotheosis of Washington depicts the historical events shows a clear understanding of the painting’s purpose. The student has tried to give instances why the two prominent persons from Virginia are in the piece of art. Robert E. Lee had his contribution in the liberation war in America and North Virginia as…

Analyzing an Agency Website

Websites have become the mega libraries or the voluminous dictionary where almost every question can be answered. The answer given is up to the readers to judge the essentiality. The increase in the number of website raises the need to analyze validity and authenticity of information and the sources of the data presented in a website. This is because some of the site may give hear-say information or even deceptive…

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