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Menu Analysis Report

Free «Menu Analysis Report» Essay Sample


The menu of one of the Toronto city restaurants will be reviewed in this report. “Museum Tavern” was selected as the restaurant for the assignment.

Report is holding for the purpose to make the review and critical analysis of the given menu, to distinguish key areas of the menu that do not only make it specific, but also could be refined. Suggestions for improvements of the menu are offered.

Restaurant Background

The newly opened Museum Tavern is located very conveniently. It is situated near the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which is the greatest attraction of Toronto. Design of the restaurant resembles French brasserie. This effect is created by red leather banquettes, tiled floors, dark-colored chairs, a tin ceiling, beautifully covered bar. One is served with the extended menu of drinks, beers, cocktails, and wines at the bar. The restaurant is designed for 60 seats including bar, some 2 tops and 4 tops as half boot; large storage and process of preparation are observed through the open kitchen window. There are 3 washrooms in the restaurant. Your lunch and dinner in the Museum Tavern are prepared with 4-8 people of kitchen personnel, while visitors are welcomed by 5-6 servers and 2 bar person who provided on special business requirement.

The main concept of the menu is fusion – mixture of European cuisine with Asian influence – presented on a raft of small plates, traditional sandwiches (subs or as they are called inhere – torpedoes), nourishing big plates of food, fish, burgers and chips, tasty salads. Stephen Gouzopoulos – chef of the Italian restaurant in Toronto – is chef of the Museum Tavern and he joined the team after leaving L’Unita.

Analysis of the Restaurant Menus

As the customer enters the restaurant, the first thing that his sees is a menu, which is the strongest marketing tool. Traditionally, menus are made on the demographic and psychographic analyses of the customers that the restaurant hopes to attract and to retain. When designing a menu, the key factors, listed below, are to be considered.

The restaurant’s vision and mission should be reflected in a menu. If a restaurant has the mission and vision to promote healthy eating, menu should clearly reflect restaurant’s objective by means of menu design and dishes offered.


If a restaurant encourages weekly promotions, they should be indicated in an add-on leaflet of a menu. The customer of the restaurant will be able to make an informed and well-considered decision if photos, chef’s recommendations, portion size of the dish and spice level are provided in the menu. Restaurant can expect greater profits after menu has been reengineered.

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