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Adolescence Analysis

Free «Adolescence Analysis» Essay Sample

Adolescencece is a difficult struggle of personality to identify who he/she is, what he/she wants and where he/she goes. The process of adolescence is influenced by the society and family. Two articles describe different researches and their results in examining adolescent process and factors that influence it.

The “Adolescent girls’ experiences and gender-related beliefs in relation to their motivation in Math/Science and English” article contains the scientific research that shows why girls choose to work in the Math/Science or English spheres.

This study reviews how girls make their choices between Math/Scientific and English scientific career. Adolescent girls’ experiences study introduces lots of factors that influence their choice. These factors include: the motivation expectancy-value modal, STEAM and non-STEAM subject predictions, deliberation academic support (social evaluation), sex identity and attitudes refer to the individual factor, gender identity, believes and identification of feminism. Some of them have mediate influence, another – directly impact girls’ choices. The sample of this research development included 579 girls from different schools, with different ethical backgrounds, intellect, from different states and the ages 13-18 years old. This is a big sample that guarantees the most accurate results. The results of this study show possible ways to increase motivation for girls to choose math and science spheres. The research also shows that women are underrepresented in many spheres that are connected to the exact sciences. This finding is a very important social issue, because increasing motivation in STEM could give society a chance to attain greater gender parity and increase gender economic equity. In addition, encouraging people to connect their lives with STEM will prevent the economic growth.

The “Longitudinal impact of parental and adolescent personality on parenting” article provides the research about the impacts of social behaviour on personality. It shows how child personality development is affected by the family: how parents’ personality and their parenting type encourage children to change; how relations within the family influence children behaviour and how parents’ gender and child personality moderate the adolescent process. During three year period this study had analysed more than 5000 different families, which have different gender structure, background, education level and parenting type. Results of this study show that the adolescence is highly affected by the relation within the family, parents’ personalities and parenting type. If upbringing process is very disciplined and stern, the adolescent period will be tough. This indicates that interpersonal behaviour is the most challenged and central task that adults are faced with during parenting.

To my mind the term “gender neutral” environment refers to the life, where there is no difference between genders – both of them have equal abilities in every sphere of life. I think that this term is far of existence, because the main difference between genders – the ability to give birth. Relatively to this fact, there are differences between women and men, which were mortgaged by the nature. Assuming that this would be possible, this situation would have positive and negative sides. Positive sides of this process are the equity in physical abilities, and no discrimination existence in any sphere of life. This situation also has disadvantages: people would become more similar in their thoughts, lifestyles and individuality. Personally, I think that children should be taught that their sex is not an obstacle, but an asset to reach what they want. Regardless of their sex children should be encouraged to strive for their goals and to pursue the things they like, and always have high morality and tolerance to other people.

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