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Reflections on Discussions

Free «Reflections on Discussions» Essay Sample

The theme of educating people with special needs is worth to be detailed. This week we were discussing the topic concerning referral and assessment for assistive technology, autism and learning.

As autism is one of the most spreading psychological disorders for today, the information about it is generally available in Mass-Media. Therefore, the concepts or discussion were not surprising for me. However, at the same time, the major part of my classmates’ posts made me to rethink the information. I learned about the importance of using the assistive technologies when the autistic child attends school. I hope I’ve also made my classmates to rethink by convincing them that the educational abilities of every autistic child cannot be seen sometimes because of his communicational difficulties. In such case, the assistive technology may become a solution.

The discussing topic has the direct relation to supporting students with special needs and not only with autism but even with physical or mental disorders. For example, when a pupil that cannot speak or whose language is very poor wants to answer the question asked by teacher, he may use word processing software. Talking books reader may help those who have dyslexia. In top of that, those children (or adults) who have gross motor delay may use adopted mouse or joystick.

In other words, the importance of assistive technologies for people with special needs (and especially during the educational process) cannot be over-valued. The use of assistive technologies is a priceless challenge for pupils with autism. Using the additional tools for communication and for education, people with special needs may realize all their talents and disguised possibilities. It is well-known that the major part of people with autism has a normal intellect, and some of them are even genius. However, without giving them possibility to develop instead of sinking in their problems, we can divest these children their right to have the happy future.

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