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Tarantino Dialogue Exercise

Free «Tarantino Dialogue Exercise» Essay Sample

Helen: Thank you, Kevin, for the offer to give me a lift. It’s always such a trouble to take a bus from our Post Office.

Kevin: Welcome, dear. If I knew it earlier that you live a few steps from me, I would certainly do it each time. By the way, I’m going to drop by Hard Rock Café, you know? You can have a bite to eat with me.

H: That’s a great idea, but I’m afraid I’m not hungry.

K: Come on, you can have some salad or a cake. I’m a real fan of that house, I invite you.

H: You are very nice, but I actually don’t like to eat out, especially at fast food restaurants.

K: Are you kidding me? What fast food?

H: Excuse me if I’m wrong but as far as I know their menu is not the healthiest in the world. All those chicken wings and other…

K: Well, I like HR not only for food, but rather for atmosphere and style. If that is not a real dream of yours, I will cope with it.

H: Please, don’t get offended. I just worry about my health.

K: So, you mean that I give a damn about mine, I see.

H: I didn’t mean that, Kevin.

K: But it sounded that way, dear.

H: I know that you often have lunch at Arby’s or bring a quick meal from McDonalds. I just don’t share your preferences.

K: That’s true, I hate McDonalds, but sometimes I have no other choices, you see. Fast food restaurants, in fact, have heaps of benefits.

H: Like what?

K: Like saving your money and time, of course.

H: At the cost of your health. Great!

K: Aren’t you too skeptical, dear? Even fast food resaurants differ. I agree, McDonalds is not the best option, it smells lousy, but…

H: But they have free Wi-Fi and clean closets. I really appreciate it.

K: Hey, I’m serious, lady. Their breakfasts are not that bad, and, and, and I really enjoy chicken breast strips from time to time, is that a sin?

H: God forbid, I’m not trying to accuse you of all mortal sins! I hope you do not eat like a horse, otherwise it would be gluttony at its finest, he-he… What I’m trying to say is that all those carcinogens, liver destruction, arteries clogged aren’t inspiring me at all.

K: You don’t know that.

H: Oh really? Do you need to check everything yourself? And look, would you personally agree to work at McDonalds?

K: Not the best job offer in my life, true.

H: Because it is as if you participated in slow killing of all their visitors…

K: Not because of that. I just would really eat non-stop then, you see. The way they cook is really not the healthiest, I agree. But not all fast food restaurants are of that kind. What about Baja Fresh?

H: Mexican, right?

K: Absolutely. They make every order fresh, not defrosted as in McDonalds. And they are rather quick, too.

H: My brother is their regular client. But I wouldn’t say it is cost saving, is it?

K: Ahem… It’s, of course, twice more expensive than at McDonalds, but I think their prices are reasonable for that delicious staff.

H: I see.

K: What? Not an argument for you?

H: An argument for what? For eating fast food?

K: For distinguishing between good fast food restaurants and bad ones, dear.

H: Fiddlesticks.

K: Why? Long John Silver’s fish, for instance, makes you lick your fingers!

H: Kevin, I’m totally sure there are a whole lot of tasty things anywhere, but I prefer to be a healthy eater. Excuse me, but I don’t feel like suffering from obesity and cancer.

K: There you go. Still, I’m pretty sure all that noise about obesity is just exaggerated. If, of course, you don’t gorge it three times a day, seven days a week and so on. All that obesity epidemics is much more affected by the lack of movement. Man, stand up, have a walk instead of taking a taxi, join basketball team, go to the gym. There your obesity will come to an end.  

H: That’s the point. And snacks! I agree, eating at fast food restaurants on occasions is no biggie. But junk food! Gee, we’re all so addicted and mad about crackers, potato chips, ice creams, snacks!

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K: Alas… But until you don’t pay so much attention to that, it’s easier to live, dear. I don’t feel like a sick man, I’m full with life and energy, and I like tasty food. And again, I save my money. If I go to a standard restaurant, I will spent an hour and pay three times more, what for?

H: Actually, I’m not comparing different kinds of restaurants. I contrast fast food to eating at home. You buy products yourself and know for certain what your meal consists of.

K: Huh? I’m sure, when I get married, my eating patterns will positively change. Until that moment, I have no time and no wish to cook myself. I just have no talent for that, you can’t blame me.

H: Of course, I can’t. But it would be great if you become a little bit more conscious. Promise me that you will eat more fruit and vegetables. And I will join you today at Hard Rock Café, a deal?

K: A deal, dear.

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