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Understanding Research Articles

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Free «Understanding Research Articles» Essay Sample

While reading the introduction to research I’ve learned a lot of important and useful information. It has become clear for me that making researches is necessary in our lives. We do little experimentation every day even without realizing that, but the knowledge of how to make your research professional is very helpful for those, who want to link their life with science, or even for those who want to pierce through the very core of the subject.

Firstly, I have learnt that the most important characteristic, and at the same time, the most difficult to achieve, is the objectivity of the research. It depends on many factors and one should take into consideration all possible influences that may affect the outcome. There are many biases concerning the field of researches.

Besides, I have read that there are several types of researches, such as basic, applied, evaluation and action-oriented. Each of them has its own purpose and optimal use.

The third important thing I have memorized is an ability to analyze the information which you get from different sources. It is useful to know that the most reasonable sources are the educational or governmental journals or web-sites. If the source is commercial, the material may be of advertising character. For getting needed information you should get some statistics on subject you research by using only trouble proof web sites, books or journals.

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If I would read the headline of the article “Drinking coffee reduces risk of Alzheimer’s Disease”, the first thing I would do is looking for more detailed information concerning this statement. I would ask my generalist in order to see different scientific web-cites. But I definitely wouldn’t pour coffee for my relatives and myself, because even if the information is reasonable, it is well-known that too much coffee is not good and drinking it too much may lead to heart diseases and is especially risky for elder people who have hypertension.

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