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Creative Thinking

Free «Creative Thinking» Essay Sample

How might you use the strategies for applying creativity to problems and issues in addressing this topic?

The aim of the report is to discuss the article that was published on August 25th. The article is titled as “Romney compares protesters to Greek chorus” and was written by Parker, A. (2012). It has been asserted, when one is talking about politics and the future of people, it should be mentioned that the topic of such immense importance deserves to be examined in detail before forming one’s own opinion concerning the activity of one or another politician. If one would write the article concerning political events or personalities, one would investigate this topic and would try to look at this theme from diverse sides.  In this article, there are at least three “corners” – Barak Obama’s position, that was not taken into consideration, ordinary people’s position (that was not accented too), and the position of Romney, who is the only real hero of this statement. One would also try to use simple and clear language as it could be easy to percept for everyone.

How might you use the strategies for promoting curiosity in addressing this topic?

While writing the article about Romney’s self-presenting in Ohayo, one would also use strategies for promoting the curiosity. One would try to organize an interrogation among participants of the meeting with Romney, which would touch the theme of elections, positive and negative results of Obama’s administration and expectations from the activity of the new government, which might be elected. At the same time, one would add some statistics that would show the desire of the whole country concerning these questions – this might help one to make readers interested and, at the same time, to make the article more objective. Besides, one would fill up the article with the abstract with some curios facts from Romney’s life to make it less official and brighter. Also, to make the report even more sensational one would ask some celebrities to make comments and to express their point of view.

Why do you think these strategies might be effective?

One believes that using such strategies would really help to write a quality article. Such strategy as an investigation is of vital importance in such kinds of articles. People nowadays do not believe in everything; they must be sure, that what one is saying is true. In the other way, they simply will not respect the work. So, to make it successful, one must present the objective information. Of course, personal beliefs may be present in the article, but the objectivity should always be the main priority. The usage of simple and clear language is also extremely vital, as the audience reading such articles is rather wide; the text should be easy to understand and should not scare off the potential readers by pretentious lexicon. The using of mentioned strategies for promoting curiosity would help to attract people who are not exactly interested in politics – the participation of celebrities in discussion and facts from the life of politician will make it less formal, and the independent interrogation will form the filling that this article is not the advertizing material, but the objective information.

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How might you use the various methods for producing ideas to eliminate the bias from the original article and still present a factual and persuasive case?

The original article is full of bias. Today, in the age of mass-media it is extremely vital to know how one can separate the bias and true information. As a big part of TV companies, news papers, magazines and Internet recourses are sponsored by someone, it seems to be impossible to provide the information that would not be politically motivated. Every thinking person should analyze everything he or she watches, reads or listens. As an example of media bias, one can take the article which is the subject of discussion. It is obvious for everyone that it is done as the advertisement and has not any references to objectivity. Firstly, all one can read is pure critics of Obama’s administration, but without any examples. Secondary, the only object of the article is Romney, though the extremely vital participants of the meeting were people that visited it. Romney is presented as a true hero, despite, like everyone, he has disadvantages. However, they are not shown, his character is fully positive and this is one more reason why the article looks improper. So, to see the drop of truth in the lake of lies, one should analyze the way information is presented and to display more skepticism.

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