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How the Computers Change the Way We Think

Free «How the Computers Change the Way We Think» Essay Sample

Nowadays, the changes in the people’s way of thinking are obvious. From generation to generation, tools that we use to think differ. With the development of technologies, especially computers, their impact is seen in our habits of mind. Students have practically lost the ability to think logically. They are not able to deal with big amounts of information. Slide rules were superseded by calculators, and as a result, students’ ability to deal with scientific and computational issues decreased. There are two theories of how emotions and speech of a person can be explained. According to Freud’s theory, mistakes that are made in speech represent person’s mixed emotions. According to the followers of computing theory, mistakes in speech are made in technical way, for example, there are two symbols that can substitute each other and are separated by sign of semantic opposition. Thus, processing of information can be explained in terms of mechanics.

As for the problem of nascent computer culture, it should be mentioned that informational technologies have taken the leading position in people’s lives. High school and college students are great examples to observe changes of student’s self-knowledge and sense of their own self-identity. The psychological effect of computers is inevitably increasing. Students try to project their feelings and thoughts onto computers, so cognitive and emotional effects grew up. Today, computers are designed to serve as friends, pets, tutors. Students use them starting from elementary school to write e-mails, for word processing simulations, online communication, using software etc. It is clear that students are better absorbing visual information. For example, Power Point presentation is not only a good way of transmitting content, but in hands of a master it is also the means of a starting point for a marvelous and effective lecture. Interactive presentations comparing to traditional means of education stimulate students’ interest.

Informational technology helps students to carry their own way of thinking and develop their own powerful ideas. Those ideas can be completed through word processing, which has its own psychological characteristics. Compared to typewriter, computers give possibility to manipulate text on computer screen. Students have a chance to become better writers as it gives a chance to revise text, rearrange paragraphs, and make stylistic experiments. Most of the people believe that professional writers will not be able to refuse word processing usage, as computers allow to fill the page very quickly. Besides, if you are a typist, you have to know exactly what you are doing in advance; but for those who work at computers idea of thinking ahead is not actually reasonable.

Modern students tend to apply information technology in their activities and lives. They do not have to understand how computers are made, as it is enough to know how software works. Transparency of software shows the ways students comprehend information: it is students’ ability to see programs work without knowing how to make them work. Another reason why humans’ way of thinking has changed is the use of simulations. From generation to generation, people play simulation games which have educational effect. They teach students the principles of evolution, and as a whole, it is a brilliant and extraordinary learning tool. Now, we live in the culture simulating society, i.e. people simulate political and economic systems, games, architectural design of buildings etc. Staying in computer environment people find themselves in the world of constrained choices.

The democratic society that is tolerant and diverse embeds informational technologies with cultures. Modern cultures are computer ones, and people who live now are computer people. During online communication people find it hard to develop their actual self. Nevertheless, the Internet is regarded by students as a safe space in the world of terrorism, crimes, diseases, and dependences. Therefore, technologies encourage changes in students’ minds and their way of thinking.

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