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Leader Timeline

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Jesus Christ Is the Best Historical Leader

Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth was born 7-2 BC and died AD 30-33 at the age of 33. Both Christians and Muslims know him as Messiah, but Christians give him also the power of a Son of God. His hometown was Nazareth in Northern Israel. Being a carpenter and making diverse things from diverse materials, he decided to be baptized at the age of 30. After christening, Jesus spent next 40 days in the desert keeping the fast and devoted next 3 years of his life to the teaching of his faith and people’s salvation. He started the faith, which today has more than 2 billion followers and lasts for more than 2000 years, his values and morality were so strong that his life ended in crucifixion for them, as Christians believe. Muslims suppose that God took him to heaven without being dead.

Jesus lived in Israel, but whole world knew about him thanks to his 12 disciples and the 70, whom he gave his power away to serve others. Jesus strived to open the potential of love to God and each other in every person. He was an exemplary servant leader, because he cared about his followers and found a way to feed them (Matthew 14:12 – 33), he showed how to behave by setting an example, he washed  his disciple’s feet and gave an example of adding value, Jesus debated enemies and answered questions with integrity ( Matthew 22:15-4), he was equal with others, although he was Gods Son, Jesus grew and learned through suffering (Hebrews 5:7-9).

Jesus Christ is the most powerful leader of historical time, because his impact was huge and the Pharisees feared that if Jesus continued, everyone would follow him (John 11:47-48), but at the same time, he continued to serve humanity, demonstrated commitment to the grows of people, was full of empathy to the followers and enemies, he was perfect listener and healed bodies and souls, his aim was to build a community with high moral standards and he did it for the sake of humanity, not for his own sake. Jesus Christ is a perfect example of servant and transformational leader of the all times immemorial.

Barack Obama is the Best Contemporary Leader

Barack Hussein Obama is 44th and current president of the USA. He was born in August 4, 1961, in Honolulu town, Hawaii and is 54 now. He has got an excellent education in Columbia University and Harvard Law School, which helped him to become a great leader, exceptional orator, intelligent ruler and caring politician. Within first 2 years of his first term, he focused on such domestic issues as unemployment, health and patients care and showed that he really cared and understood the needs of his nation. In 2012, Obama was reelected. In his further policy, he protected the LGBT Americans legislating the same-sex marriage and focused on women and girls assaults creating the White House Council on Women and Girls. He does not forget to lead successful and respectful foreign policy along with domestic one. The USA take part in diverse military actions around the world, struggle against terrorism and stabilize American dollar and economy. Protecting common people, he enables them to act and encourage their hearts with tax reform, which raises opportunities for small business and is destined to create new working positions. In 2009 Obama was a laureate of Nobel Peace Prize and was announced as the most respectful, popular and powerful leader by the poll of Harris Interactive. The main feature of Barack Obama’s leadership is integrity, he does not compromise because of short-term gain, his vision and values are the most important for him. Barack Obama is mindful in decision-making and does not forget about common people caring. He is respectful, confident and sensitive to others. Within the years of his policy (2001-current 2015) he captured the attention even of those residents, who had never been interested in politics. This is the way he inspired and shared his vision and notion “Obamacare” appears. The way he rules is characterized as cool, aloof, insular, consensus building, unflappable, but no one seemed indifferent.


Both Jesus Christ and Barack Obama are great leaders of their epoch. Both of them are transformational leadership samples according to Northouse, as their aim is to accomplish even more than it is expected from them, they are charismatic and care much about human beings and needs. Their raise as leaders simultaneously with their followers are oriented more on morality and its principles than on their own power. Bennis’s theory of leadership also identifies Christ and Obama as true leaders, as they are dedicated to the task, possess magnanimity, have integrity, inspire, investigate and are focused on people. Jesus Christ is a perfect example of servant leadership according to Robert K. Greenleaf, Obama, thus, used more personal power legislation, before the president elections, and personal plus position power after them, is not pure type of servant leader; however, he does not forget about his nation needs. According to James M. Kouzes and Barry Posner, both leaders, chosen in this research, correspond to 5 practices. They both model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and encourage the heart, Obama’s example is more structured to this classification as he is contemporary and political leader with legislative deeds, while Jesus Christ’s activity was more spiritually oriented and is hard to be structured.

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