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Rhetorical Visual Analysis

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Free «Rhetorical Visual Analysis» Essay Sample

The pictures above are adopted from the ads on the Call of Duty 4; depict two contrasting scenes of the game. While the first picture depicts an image of intense fight represented by fierce exchange of gun fire in a battle field, the second picture portrays a calm place with an office-like environment. The two pictures evoke a penetrating image that after war then a peaceful environment can be found.

The first picture strikes a feeling of a real battle field, something that is not entirely true for someone who has watched the game. The picture gives a misrepresentation of the idea of a game, which young people or children may think is real depiction of war as it is in the battle field. Ironically, the second picture represents a calm environment, purportedly representing life after war. The rhetoric is that the producers of the game intend to inflict the idea among audience that after war there is peace and prosperity. The soldiers in full gear battle it with enemies. They fight the warm and no doubt some of them lost their lives in the process. However, later as seen in picture 2, is a calm environment, with beautiful serene. Most likely, this kind of representation of war as a necessary evil invokes people to buy the film so that they can watch and look like soldiers who fight to bring peace. Naturally, everyone wants to associate with success or winners for that matter. Ironically, this fantasy world may lead to violent conducts among children who might be addicted and, find it heroic to engage in any battle with peers or other members of the society (Rodriguez and Dimitrova 49). The second picture, a representation of a very beautiful environment, gives off the sense of peace, as if those who fought in the war and died also have the same peace. It also depicts an image of after storm there’s calm.

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However, one must realize that despite the second picture depicting the eventual achievement of peace, the real people who fought are not entirely peaceful following the tragedy that befell individual soldiers and their families. In fact, the first picture shows a complete demolition of individuals and property, showing the dangers that normally befalls some innocent persons. It brings out the question as to what the cost of peace when war ravages. In other words, the second picture illustrates what man had to do in terms of war to obtain the beautiful environment represented by the serene office in the second picture.


The rhetoric is that the second picture suggests that when war is fought and won well, then such a peaceful environment can be achieved. When work is diligent, then a lasting beauty can be achieved amidst the adversities. No one can deny the fact that war is a very devastating event that leaves even the innocent who knew nothing about it affected. However, war as seen in many games, is immortalized and is considered a necessary evil in every society. In other words, the society rewards battles as it is clear that weapons and machines of war are indeed glorified just like equipments for building. The visual image represented in the two pictures clearly suggests a society that believes that only war can bring prosperity. Put differently, war has been twisted by society to form perverse games the gives illusions of real events. The visual destruction of war is normally covered by closing environment of beauty that gives the audience the imagination that war brought such beautiful serene at the end of it. 

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