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Critical Thinking

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Free «Critical Thinking» Essay Sample

Critical thinking is the intellectual process of understanding the different perspectives of anything. Many scholars have different definitions of critical thinking depending on the matter at hand. In general, however, most people agree that active conceptualization, analysis, evaluation, gathering of information, reflection and reasoning are the epitome of critical thinking. This essay presents a general idea of critical thinking and defines critical thinkers.

It is paramount to understand that critical thinking is not only problem-solving or decision-making, but an objective process, too. Therefore, this process is applicable also in argumentation, making a claim or raising an issue. Indeed, many factors define critical thinking, thus giving critical thinkers the following characteristics.

Firstly, critical thinkers are honest to themselves and thus know their strengths and weaknesses. Acceptance is important since it gives positivity in a person’s life.  Consequently, honesty gives critical thinkers the spirit to regard a problem as an exciting challenge. Secondly, critical thinkers take time to understand the situation remaining curious all through. When an issue becomes complex, a critical thinker invests time with the aim of overcoming confusion. Thirdly, critical thinking goes beyond personal preferences when making a judgment. For this reason, a critical thinker focuses on evidence before making a judgment and when the evidence is insufficient, it is important to defer a judgment. Fifthly, critical thinkers are attentive to reading and listening. These are two processes of getting information. Therefore, to avoid distortion of information, critical thinkers work hard and systematically on experiments. Lastly, critical thinkers are creative. They come up with practical, workable ideas applicable in the day-to-day life.

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In conclusion, critical thinking is an active process that displays the value of a person’s thoughts and actions. Critical thinkers have character that offers avenues for observation, collection of information, analysis and decision-making that brings positive and practical changes to society.

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