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Analysis of DO HO SUH Art Work

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Free «Analysis of DO HO SUH Art Work» Essay Sample

This article discusses Do Ho Suh’s Karma 2003 artwork with depiction to life happenings around the world.

Do Ho Suh is a Korean artist with great art works before and after his Karma 2003 piece. The Karma 2003 piece is a well-documented artwork that depicts the many challenges that people undergo through globally. Karma 2003 is a three dimensional art piece that shows giant footsteps walking on people. The piece shows the fineness to detail of the artist. Do Ho Suh brings out his brilliance in artwork with the depiction of his work in a simple way that viewers would analyze it. The materials used are urethane paint on fiberglass. Do Ho Suh uses shoes and floor to depict steps that one makes on the floor. He also uses sculptures of running persons to capture the manner, which people try to run from challenges in life. The large shoe worn by the big foot symbolizes a strong challenge that faces people causing them to run.

Analyzing the artwork Karma 2003, one cannot help but depict the greatness of the artist especially with regard to details. The three dimensional piece is clearly visual to human eye and understanding of the piece is imminent. The artist captures human torture in the hands of stronger opposition. The artist is accurate to detail most of the human problems through his artwork. Visualizing Karma 2003 piece one thinks of the many challenges the world is facing especially where people face oppression. A good example is Syria where the government has continuously oppressed the voice of the people and those that try to raise issues are dealt with firmly. People in Syria have fled and died with the recent demonstrations for liberation from oppressive rule. It is worth noting that Do Ho Suh implies the oppression that people pass through and when they get a chance to escape they do so without hesitating as Karma 203 depicts.

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