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Analysis of Portraits of American History

Free «Analysis of Portraits of American History» Essay Sample

The first student from Virginia has a great grasp of the details in the painting. His thought that the Apotheosis of Washington depicts the historical events shows a clear understanding of the painting’s purpose. The student has tried to give instances why the two prominent persons from Virginia are in the piece of art. Robert E. Lee had his contribution in the liberation war in America and North Virginia as a commander for the army. He is portrayed in the painting to shows appreciation of the good and selfless service to both the state and country. George Washington is the founding father and the first president of America. His contribution to the nation in leading through the attainment of independence is highly recognized. The men portrayed in the painting represent their contribution to the nation, but there are others like Thomas Jefferson who is also suited for the representation. This student has good thoughts of the best qualities for greatness, which represents what a great leader or person should entail.

The second student notes that the Apotheosis of Washington depicts the events that shape American history in the early times.  The student notes that it is essential to know and understand the culture and tradition from where the future generation bases their progress. The student has portrayed clear vision to detail, in understanding the depiction of progression of raw materials useful to development of American nation. The state of Virginia is portrayed as a twin thought state with north and south being influenced by the closest neighbor. It is likeable that the student relates with the painting and the history of Virginia’s politics thought. In addition the students understanding of greatness relates to the belief many people have on greatness. The one great person who fit the student’s description is Mother Teresa.

The third student hails from Georgia State and reckons the artistic prowess of Constantino Brumidi. He understands that the art portrays George Washington as the father of American nation by being the first president. It is dislikeable that the students comments of the painting without proper research of the representatives of his state. He recommends James Edward Oglethorpe founder of Georgia State to be best suited to represent Georgia State. He (James Edward Oglethorpe) also served as a Colonel in Georgia and America. One cannot help to dislike the student’s critic on those in the painting representing Georgia State. However, this student’s understanding of greatness is a state of selfless service and loyalty to a country is likeable. He also notes that it is having clear principles that you promote with steadfastness for the good of all.

The fourth student from California State notes that the Apotheosis of Washington portrays gains made through democratic process in America. The student’s scrutiny of one of the representatives from his state shows that he has little knowledge of Father Junipero. He gains satisfaction with the representation by President Reagan. He further adds that some of the best people to hail from the state of California such as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Rick Warren should be included. The student finds it odd that the painting captures the deceased making his preferred state representatives to miss out. The fact that he knows that a great person would portray integrity in their respective industries makes it easier to understand his preferred choice of state representative. The fourth student has a likeable explanation of greatness as it captures the inner capabilities and beliefs of a person.

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