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“The Storm”: Setting Paragraph

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Free «The Storm: Setting Paragraph» Essay Sample

In Kate Chopin’s “The Storm,” weather plays a significant role as it appears a catalyst central to the meaning of the overall story because it highlights the development of events and has a direct influence on the plot. Starting from the title it highlights the meaning of this natural phenomenon, which immediately appears from the first lines of the story. In such a way the weather condition serves as an outlet of the story making Bobinot and Bibi hide from the oncoming storm in the store and the affair of Calixta and Alcée possible. Firstly, it comes out as the reason Alcée has to ask for a shelter with a strong intention to stay at the gallery. Secondly, it forces him to come inside. In such a way storm brings both closer to each other. The reader might suppose that if the rain was not strong enough Calixta and Alcée wouldn’t have any love affair. It is also the storm that made Calixta anxious about her husband and son and at the same time Alcée to comfort her. Although the storm has a twofold meaning, it has no negative connotations in the short story despite a severe thunderstorm and heavy rain. Calixta does not afraid of the weather “… the roar of the elements made her laugh…” (Chopin 4). On the contrary, the storm suddenly appears and disappears “The rain was over; and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems” that is the reason I suppose that the storm could be compared with the passion as both are natural phenomena and might occur and fade away spontaneously as it has been described in Chopin’s story (Chopin 5). Throughout the story, the storm accompanies the main characters and events highlighting the meaning of guiltlessness of love affair if it does not ruin families afterward.

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