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Analyzing an Agency Website

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Free «Analyzing an Agency Website» Essay Sample

Websites have become the mega libraries or the voluminous dictionary where almost every question can be answered. The answer given is up to the readers to judge the essentiality. The increase in the number of website raises the need to analyze validity and authenticity of information and the sources of the data presented in a website. This is because some of the site may give hear-say information or even deceptive information aimed at wooing trafficking, but no interest on the implication of the information disseminated. In this respect, this paper seeks to analyze “” website with the aim of determining authenticity, relevance, and reliability of the information posted.

According to Widener University a reliable and trustworthy website can be gauge using the attributes of accuracy, authority, currency and objectivity. The website stated above has reliable authority that is responsible for the information posted. At the footer, the pages is claimed to belong to America Federal Government and is under the management of a body in this government- Department of Health and Human Services. Close analysis on the body affirms that the body is a fully accredited institution and is approaved as a resource for human services. On currency, the paper was last updated on September 06, 2012 scoring superbly since the information is not even a year old.  The accuracy of the information is also worthy since the site offers reputable sources as references for the data presented. The broad objective of the website is to establish and environment that promote good health for all. This is achieved through disseminating and availing information geared towards that path.

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Spritz Web Solution (2012) offers added values that are crucial in determining reliability and authenticity of the website. Their values include appearance, functionality and usability. The appearance should be captivate and easy to visit or maneuver. The website under analysis superbly meets these tributes.

In conclusion, “” meets the baseline qualities of a reliable and trustworthy website. The services offered are in terms with the objectives of the website and the customer can comfortably adopt the information sourced from this site.

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