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People are Idiots and I Can Prove It

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Free «People are Idiots and I Can Prove It» Essay Sample

People are Idiots and I Can Prove It is a self-help book written by Larry Winget. The heading of the book originated from the introduction from a line the writer affirms on a radio show in a single instance in the high temperature of obsession, and from the blues a thought of the book came up. At the beginning of the book, Larry states clearly that he is not going to raise any new concept that is not known. In actuality, no spiritual leader, speaker or instructor is capable of doing this. All they carry out is re-packaging fine old counsel in a new stylish way. Larry is one of those ‘kick your butt’ trainers that do not give a damn whether people love them or not. It is my feeling that, this is a must read masterpiece that one should have for himself. It will open people’s eyes on how crap are the excuses they give for themselves and the whole world. I honestly think that more genuine speakers and trainers like Larry are needed.

The largest fraction of this book is a creation of mental pictures. If one believes he/ she can do it then it will come in to view, it is not a situation of waiting for transformation; somewhat it is a situation of an opportunity presenting itself. The author blames the populace ineptitude and their foolishness (for this reason the title pops out) on their dealings. The multitude’s actions do not mirror out what they want since they honestly do not act in accordance to their desires. The author’s advice is sarcastic and direct, and he offers uncomplicated reasonable solutions to our daily troubles from associates, to relatives, business, contacts and more. The author comes up with a list for all the significant things like accountability, coming up with solutions to problems, matrimony and relationships, how to have a better life, how to secure a better job or just improve on the current job.

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He specifies on some essential ethics that include:

  • One’s life is a result of the individual liability.
  • One should be accountable for his /her own life, get to know the solutions to your problems.
  • Take action on what you have learnt to be the cause and the solution to your undoing and finally eat the fruits of your actions.

The author’s advice in many situations in the book is revealed in the following declaration on doing away with smoking; “stop putting cigarettes in your mouth.”

Frankly speaking, this man is a wild fool. He addresses the troubles of all people from a practical point of view. However, he fails to explain what caused the individuals to be in their current position or status or even their future. Furthermore, he does not account for mental, astrological, or physical troubles this people might be experiencing.

Personally the only part of his advice that I concur with is the fraction that bestows accountability on the individual and expects to try to do better.  Life is a very long expedition, and getting to places of better friends, better jobs and better things it takes time. Getting to such positions include doing things you do not like doing. My opinion is that it is important to desire to make things better or stop doing something that harms your life. If only the craving is there, then it will flourish.

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To some extent, the author is right; it takes an effort both psychological and physical to do something. It is important for one to get up off their comfort zone and get to work or admit to what life provides without protest. When one makes a decision, he/ she should take total responsibility of what comes with the decision. Work is also thinking about what one’s actions will do to improve both their lives. We all have to continue making our personality better and grow up in our abilities to judge.

In an organization employees have many personal interests. So they work to fulfill those needs; in their fulfilling of needs, they require money and in most cases they complain they have no money. Larry addresses this issue in a sarcastic manner. He argues that, people complain they do not have money and he questions them on what they are doing to achieve such goals. Further, he questions on people’s need to be healthy. He finally asks these people why they are wasting their money buying cigarettes. The actualities that people do not put goals or plan formulas to achieve what they want make them idiots.

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This book can be of great assistance in improving responsibility of persons in an organization and the long run there will be maximum output hence maximum profit. When individuals embrace the need of having goals and take strategic actions in reaching them, it will be of great benefit to both the individual and the organization as a whole. The author goes further in helping to achieve them; he gives multiple lists that assist individuals analyze their idiotic life. There are two assumptions of the nature of organization, social system and ethics. As a social system, an organization is driven by social and mental laws. Their behavior is influenced by the group’s individual drives. One is accountable for any contrary actions and at the end of the day will have to take responsibility of whatever action they took.

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