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Film: Why We Fight

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Free «Film: Why We Fight» Essay Sample

The world that we live in is characterized by war and rumors of war. Nations are turning against nations; there is war everywhere, and many innocent lives have been lost in the process. The film Why We Fight amplifies this aspect by focusing on the United States of America. In 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower offered his ultimate discourse to the country’s nation before exiting the President’s office. Over 50 years later, America finds itself in a strange dilemma.

The USA is involved in wars that are unexplainable to its citizens. There is a raging war in Iraq where thousands of people have put their lives not knowing the exact reason why they had to depart, break their relations, and wage war in the foreign land. During those times, Dwight’s statement was undoubtedly prophetic thus raising many questions like “Engaging in war does the United States help preventing war or has escalated it?” This documentary tries to examine in-depth how the United States has prepared itself for battle, why and how it goes to war?

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Why We Fight is a documentary that features real life testimonies of infantry soldiers, pentagon personnel, army generals, national security advisers, and army recruits. They all give different views based on the experiences they have undergone and what they think about the wars that the United States of America involved in. War is not healthy especially from a sociological aspect. The importance of having a healthy community or society can never be overemphasized in sociology. For a society to be vigorous, there are certain measures and structures that should function in place.

If they are disrupted in any way, then the sense of normalcy is greatly disturbed affecting the societal cohesion. War does this in all aspects; lives are lost, property is destroyed, freedom is limited, lack of adequate services such as health care becomes a mirage. In general, the peace that exists in any society is destroyed thus negatively affecting life and possible advancement in all aspects. The conflict perspective in sociology patented from the writings on class struggles. It presents the society in a different light as much emphasis is placed on the negative ever changing nature of the society that is responsible for presenting conflicts. Conflict perspectives in sociology challenge the status quo, encourage social change even in the midst of a social revolution, and believe that the high and mighty in the society have greater influence on forcing the poor and weak to do as they please. The same concept can be applied to the Unites States of America’s conflict with the poor nations. Below is a well stipulated analysis of the reasons as to why we fight basing on sociology.

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Social Stratification

As a man experienced change from the agrarian period to the present civilization state, social hierarchies emerged; they are responsible for creating the class systems based on one’s wealth, prestige, power, and social status. As stated by the conflict theory, those in power have the ability to manipulate the social systems in their favor oppressing the weak, poor, and disenfranchised people in the society. It is what is amplified in the film Why We Fight as we realize that the infantry soldiers deployed to various war zones are the low class individuals in the military hierarchy; while the generals are happy back at home with their wives and families. Equality is strongly advocated for irrespective of one’s position or status in the society.

Wealth and Power Inequality

Being the world wealthiest country, the United States of America would want to retain this status by displaying how tough the country can be. It is exhibited by the ability of its army to fight wars outside its borders and ensure that the victory is achieved. The extreme disparity between countries in the fight for power and wealth exemplifies the theme of conflict in sociology. The urge of controlling the others to emphasize this point has seen America being involved in wars that have no meaning to the citizens; a theme that is amplified by the film Why We Fight.

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Drug Abuse and Crime

Exponents of the conflict theory argue that the judicial system is meant to work in favor of the high and mighty in the society while oppressing the weak and disenfranchised people. The reality is seen in the fact that when the poor person violets the law, strict penalties are accorded as opposed to the wealthy one who engages in state crimes like vandalizing huge government funds. No action is taken against such individuals because of their status and power in the society. In the film Why We Fight, the Unites States of America has been engaged in wars outside its territory endeavoring to stop crime and drug trafficking syndicates. Most of the cartels and mafia groups involved used drugs to financed terrorist attacks against the developing nations thus disrupting societal cohesion.

The film Why We Fight has been very instrumental in bringing out the conflict theory of sociology in simple aspects that can be well understood. With the help of this film, the society is educated about the importance of ensuring that there exists positive interaction between members of a given society. Equality is a factor that is also stressed and the aspect of embracing peace for the furtherance of humanity at large is crucial for without peace, there can never be development.

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