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Spiritual Needs Assessment

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Free «Spiritual Needs Assessment» Essay Sample


Healthcare providers encounter a significant spiritual and cultural diversity in the course of delivering care to patients. However, it is vital to remain sensitive to the spiritual needs of all patients through an ethical assessment tool. Healthcare providers must assess spiritual needs of patients as this plays a significant role in their ability to deliver care in the best way possible. It should be done with a high level of confidentiality and must be followed as required by the patient. Understanding the spirituality of a patient facilitates empathy, appreciation, and nonjudgmental love when taking care of patients.

In this essay, the results from my spiritual analysis tool in line with the answers given by the patient concerning his spiritual needs in the hospital environment will be analyzed.

Summary of the Assessment Findings

The patient has emphasized that he trusts in God, and prayer is the most significant element in his journey to recovery. He believes that God is a vital part of his life and cannot do anything without involving Him. The patient has also indicated that prayer helps him cope with stress during his illness since it reminds him of life after death, hence, giving him hope in life. He has mentioned that the importance of prayer cannot be underestimated, and it is emphasized by the Roman Catholic Church. Moreover, the patient has stated that his spiritual subscription gives him an opportunity to make decisions concerning his health due to its openness. The assessment was done in tandem with the position held by Borneman and Puchalski (2010) that the spirituality of the patient must always be respected, and he/she should never be forced to follow a particular belief.

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Significant Discoveries about the Individual I Assessed

One of the crucial discoveries about the individual I assessed is that he is highly spiritual. The individual believes that finding God is the most important thing that has ever happened in his life. It explains why his life is built around the prayer and understanding that God can heal him in the course of his suffering. He continues to cling on his strong faith in the hospital environment because he believes it is the best way to quicken the recovery and comfort.

Another significant discovery is that his faith does not compromise his decisions relating to healthcare. He has stated that he is a Roman Catholic, and his religion does not restrict him from being treated in a hospital due to the understanding that medical intervention works in line with prayers. Therefore, he is free to be treated in a hospital.

What Went Well?

Everything went well during the assessment. However, one of the key aspects that went well during the assessment is the patient’s ability to respond to all questions. The patient seemed active in responding to all questions, hence, simplifying my work. He was open to all questions and gave succinct answers to each of them without any form of suspicion on my mission. Overall, I had an easier time dealing with the patient in terms of offering responses.

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What Will You Do Differently in the Future?

In the future, I will change my approach to the entire assessment. I will start by asking the patient whether he/she subscribes to any religion and whether he/she needs direct spiritual support from religious patrons. I realize that I have not asked this question in this assessment, which has limited my understanding of the patient’s spiritual needs. According to the research conducted by Touro Institute (2010), spiritual patrons such as priests, chaplains, bishops, and imams play an instrumental role in the life of a patient, and they may be required to offer direct prayers while the patient is in the ward. It will be a vital addition in the future to ensure that the patient feels more appreciated and is able to exercise his freedom in the hospital environment.

Barriers or Challenges that Inhibited the Completion of My Assessment Tool. How Will You Address This in the Future?

The key barrier that tended to inhibit my ability to complete the assessment tool was the unsupportive hospital environment and the time I chose to conduct the assessment. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (2005) reiterates that the privacy of the patient has to be secured at any given instance. However, I experienced a situation where I had to take the patient in a less secure environment. There were other patients, and this made it difficult for me to complete the assessment tool with the required level of confidentiality. I will address this in the future by isolating the patient from other patients in the ward. It will give him/her more confidence and a high sense of openness in responding to questions. I think I will use a secure office in the future when talking to the patient about spiritual needs.

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Describe the Spiritual Experience You Had with the Patient. How Does This Tool Allow You to Better Meet the Needs of Your Patient?

I had a wonderful spiritual experience with the patient especially because he gave me the chance to ask all questions that I had. The experience was also wonderful in the sense that it gave me the opportunity to understand what the patient’s believes were. I will be able to meet the needs of my patient better because I understand what he feels about different things. I will be open in the delivery of care without necessarily judging the patient on his/her beliefs.


It is crucial for healthcare providers to understand the spiritual needs of patients in order to provide the required level of care that satisfies patients. I personally had a unique experience with my patient due to his openness, and I believe it will be easy to handle him in the provision of care. It will be vital in facilitating his recovery process while at the hospital.

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