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Category: Informative

Six hours walk in NYC

Human beings are always moving from one place to another and this mobility can be educational and exciting experience whether consciously or unconscio...
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Male Privilege

The notion of white or male privilege is a term that has eluded some people for awhile. In most cases, white privilege is sometimes confused by racism...
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The struggle between religious dogma and rational thoughts concerning teachings in the Quran has been rife for the longest period. Throughout the hist...
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The Labor And The Capital In The Era Of “Gilded Age” In The USA

Introduction The last decades of the XIX century proved fatal to the United States, which turned out from mediocre, the peripheral countries in a firs...
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Global Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect: Causes and Countermeasures

The problem of climate change today is extremely relevant. The climate of our planet is changing and changing fast enough, that no scientist denies it...
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Prenuptial Agreements

In contrast to the civil law of Europe, Anglo-American law provides prenuptial agreements, where the general procedure requires installing capacity of...
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Progressive Era through the Great Depression

The recent economic crisis is often compared to the Great Depression, and, comparing, researchers are paying particular attention to the ways of overc...
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Centralized Information System

Information system can be defined as a comprising technology used by people, and processes being supported by the technology. Wal-Mart has a centraliz...
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A Day in a Blind Man’s Shoes

ost of us are used to having all our senses sharp and working all day long to make our life easier and safer. And if there is a person who is differen...
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Measurements are generally taken for granted although they have a long history. A thorough examination of different measuring systems draws attention ...
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Raised in China and South Korea

As the one-child-per-household policy was coming into existence in the 1980s, I was born alongside it in China. During these 20 years, large-scale eco...
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Paparazzi – the Real Journalists

In today’s society, celebrities seem to be in a social class of their own as they earn a lot of money, have access to the top world resources an...
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