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Pepsi Advertisement

Free «Pepsi Advertisement» Essay Sample

Recently, I have watched a video on internet, which is an advertisement promoted by “Pepsi”. This advertisement started in an old town, a boy with a green shirt was walking on the street. He stopped in front of the soda vending machine and took one dollar to get a “Coca-Cola”, which he was tall enough to press the button to get it. Then, he got the coke from the machine and put it on the floor in the front of his left foot. Afterwards, he took another dollar to get one more, and put another on the floor in the front of his right foot. Next, he stepped on those cokes which likea ladder to reach and put one dollar to get a “Pepsi”, and now, he was tall enough to get the “Pepsi”. After that, he took the Pepsi, opened it and walked away without picked up the cokes he just bought. In the end of commercial, it said “the joy of Pepsi”. 

In this advertisement, it brings us the concept of provocation and arrogance. Most of people do not recognize that these two risk ideas. However, actually provocation raises human emotion up and affects their mind which possibility thinks in a negative way. It makes people become enmity to each other, some of them may even doing some extremely behavior, such as, destroy the public facility or hurt somebody else on the society. Besides that, arrogance is a sense of superiority which showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance. People who are arrogant usually being cruel to other one because do not care the feeling of them. It makes people much easier to hurt another in language, such as, they causes people who surrounding arrogant person hard to tolerate and they are unable to communicate with cause differentiation or even discrimination, which may affect our society life directly.

Three meanings were represented by Pepsi in the commercial. The first meaning was talking about how joyful was Pepsi if you bought it. When the boy bought the Pepsi with a controversial way, and in the last of video, it also showed “the joyful of Pepsi”, it was a way what attracted customer’s sight and stimulated people to buy it. Secondly, it brought up a message to audience in an implied way, as I mentioned that, the boy walked away without taking the coke on the floor in the end of the ads. It seems like trampled and disregard the famous soda company, Coco-cola, it let people thought that Pepsi do not care how Coco-cola is, the lack of sense of presence was represented. That made coke’s fans and company angry and it was banned to show on TV. Suit into our life, this message gradually change our mind. For example, based on this ad, people maybe drink on the public transport or on the class and which is illegal to do that. People will disturb some of another person who surrounding them, and probablythe person who was disturbed will be angry because they follow the rule, but there are some violators on the class or public. Although those violatorsmay think they do not hurt anyone or themselves, if this concept grows up time by time, it will be deceased their sense of morality. Those people are not only confusing the society, but also even against the law unconsciously, it lets our justice become failure.

The last meaning of the ads is arrogance. In the video, Pepsi seems to be self-centered; they think they are the most important soda and the highest ranking of the soda in the world. The boy in the ads stepped on the cokes which like a ladder in order to buy Pepsi.The cokes were a tool for Pepsi and the value of the Pepsi was twice expensive than coke because the boy took three dollars to buy a Pepsi, but two dollars used to buy two coke. Pepsi looks like it is the best of the world and do not care anyone’s feeling, even it can take advantage of other brand in this ads. People might think in the same way with Pepsi in the ads, the ads instill a negative message to the audiences and makes them act a wrong action.  People probably would think they were the most important person as a president or god, which force people listen to their idea, even changed their mind. For example, there is a famous serial killer, Richard Ramirez who was dubbedthe “Night Stalker”. He has been influenced by his cousin, who has raped and killed Vietnamese woman in the war. Richard changed dramatically because of his cousin and finally he had killed fourteen women. If Richard‘s cousin had not showed the picture to Richard, would he thought killing people is right? Because of a self-centered person, they do not have a right value to determine what is right or not, and those people will be very dangerous for our society.

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Most of people will not care about how aggressive Pepsi ad is, they only care how impressive or interested for them. People would not feel antipathy when Pepsi provoked Coke in the ad, instead, they may feel very fun when Pepsi took advantage of coke. If people still not take attention on the harmful of advertisement, it not only change people’s mind, it will also endangered our society deeply.

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