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A Day in a Blind Man’s Shoes

ost of us are used to having all our senses sharp and working all day long to make our life easier and safer. And if there is a person who is different from us in some way, e.g. has one of their senses shut-down so to speak, it is often difficult to relate to such a person. I have tried to imagine I am a blind person and tried to…

Attending Classes

Not surprisingly, being a student in the university demands paying careful attention to the learning process. Namely, it is reasonable to mention the importance of doing a considerable amount of tasks, attending lectures and catching up with other students when it comes to university modules. Having difficulties because of skipping classes, now I understand that the successful learner always uses a variety of potential opportunities in order to achieve his/her…

Automotive Industry

In any developed economy, the auto industry is one of the basic industries. In the automotive segment, employ hundreds of thousands of workers, the products of this industry make up a large share of GDP. Naturally, the support issues of car industry come to the forefront in the measures taken by the Government as part of the anti-crisis package. On how effective will such measures depends largely on the future…

Centralized Information System

Information system can be defined as a comprising technology used by people, and processes being supported by the technology. Wal-Mart has a centralized information system run worldwide from its Arkansas headquarters. The first major advantage of the Wal-Mart’s centralized information system is that transferring employees from one store to another is quite easy. There is less downtime and startup time because the system is similar to the platform. Wal-Mart was…

Charlie Chaplin: The Gold Rush, 1925, Journal

The movie The Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin is an encounter of a man (Tramp) who set in to Alaska ranges in such of gold treasures. Tramp meets two men and encounters a lot of challenges ranging from disagreements, hunger and cold weather. Charlie Chaplin plays a crucial role in the movie as the writer, producer, director and a main character (acting as Tramp). The three men Big Jim, Black…


Question one Portable multi-gas detectors are considered to be highly accurate devices. Accordingly, they have been found to go a step beyond mere recognition of the existence of Volatile Organic Compounds to identifying them (Dressler, 1986). However, despite the prowess, there is a bigger challenge that faces them in terms of the quantity of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are present. The devices are not known to operate properly…

Communications laws

Communications laws are legal rules that are set to govern communication activities in the society. This is a legal framework that affects our day to day life. Ms Medellin’s story is a good example on how the laws of communications are abused. Moreover, airing the video to the public was a legal act. The public has a right to get information concerning daily activities. However, the victim is also exposed…

Conception of Creation and Divinity in Gatha of Choice

Yasna’ 30 is a hymn that creates the idea of worship and living according to the expectations of the Sovereign God. The reading gives a clear indication of how Christians must live and widely elaborates on the effects of living rightfully or deviating from the commandments. Creation and divinity are themes illustrated in the gatha that inform Christians about their spiritual lives. Divinity is portrayed by the involvement of God…

Criminology and Birth Control

Precautionary act refers to measures taken to protect the occurrence of an action believed to be having a risk of causing harm to the perceived situation with the assumption that, these precautions do not cause any harm. The aim of taking this precautions focuses on taking the possible effort to protect the public from a possible harm. However, not all precautionary acts can give appropriate measures to alleviate the possibility…

Deriving foundations of the prospect theory

By consideration, if the Kahneman and Tverskey experiments provide a chance for two scenarios with one having the choices between two gambles with an initial $1000 such that the subject chooses gamble A as an even chance of winning, while gamble B provides $500 with certainty, there is need to elucidate the best choices depending on the initial wealth and the upfront amount. In the second scenario, the situation is…

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