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The Future of the Internet

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Free «The Future of the Internet» Essay Sample

Technology has taken the heart of the world in aspects of development, advancement and driving almost every other operation in most of the institutions. The worry is that the progress of the technology may crumble a system to a no-salvage point. It is in this line of thinking that Zittrain shares his feelings about the future of the internet. According to him, current devises can be said to take two divergent aspects namely; generative and sterility.

According to Zittrain, generative devises are characterized by the fact that they are extremely open to modification once the possessor logs in (23). However, sterile devises have fixed systems that do not permit modification. “Generativity” can be likened to free speech in the fact that once the exploration in the devise system ensues, the person operating the devise can modify the system or some aspects of the system. The operator has the capability of changing or replacing his software just like words substitution in a free speech.

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“Generativity”, offers an avenue where tinkers interfere with the released product; thus, promoting further improvement of ideas for the product. In addition, generative devise offers innovator with diversion platform. This enables those who are innovative to craft sophisticated ideas (17). Despite the fact that these innovators do not engage in tinkering activities, ideas harvested from tinkering opens up divergent views worth innovators nod.

The material availed in the internet have increased over the years due the number on linkage of connectivity. Currently, internet resembles a hub of information where single search hint can lead to ample results from the internet feeders. Traditional era had the internet material regulated and owned, but the situation is different due to effect of internet “generativity” (200).

Disruptive innovation ends up destabilizing the existing market through introduction of new customers and reduction in the products prices. Despite the fact that disruptive innovation affects minimally the share market for the incumbent markets, there is reason to worry among the existing companies. Customers will tend to go for the commodities being charged less, by the disruptive innovators. This will result into a situation where the customers win and the mature businesses lose. Mature businesses record a loss in customers, market share and increased competition that calls for investing in strategy analyzing. 

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