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Global Threat

Free «Global Threat» Essay Sample

A global threat is a condition, which puts at risk the peace and routine of the world. The threat could have natural or human causes. According to the current news and reports, terrorism seems to be the first occurrence that threatens the world peace and regular activities. The major problem of terrorism is that it does not affect only one country, state, continent or region. It scares and threatens every individual on the face of the Earth, regardless of status, class, education or race. Moreover, terrorist attacks endanger the world peace, as well as life today and in the future. This paper will argue that terrorism and terrorist attacks are a major global threat in contemporary world.

The causes of terrorism seem to be based on the religious doctrines from one point of view. However, from the other perspective, terrorism seems to exemplify enmity between certain powers or countries. Regardless of the causes of terrorism, the fact is that attacks are a threat to the humanity, flora and fauna on Earth. Therefore, terrorism is the global threat that needs a strategy to counteract the phenomenon. Individuals, who propagate terrorist attacks and the progress of terrorism, act for their own benefit without considering the future of humanity. Terrorists are criminals that do not consider the effect of the weapons they use to attack their targets. Therefore, lack of consideration for short-term and long-term consequences makes terrorists enemies of all humanity. The effect of their weapons is experienced not only by the enemies, but also by those in the target zone, including average citizens. The harmful effects of these weapons destruct the target and those untargeted (Miller 19).

When terrorists strike, they use weapons that not only kill humans and destroy property, but also cause harm to the environment. The terrorist attacks aim at killing the target, causing destruction to the buildings and structures around, and at the same time damaging the ecosystem. The harm that terrorism causes on the environment cannot be assessed in terms of measuring units. The fact that terrorism causes death, injuries, loss of property and ecosystem damage makes it the greatest threat in the world. Most of the global threats cause either loss of life or damage to the ecosystem separately. Rarely the problem results in massive effect on all elements of life. Terrorism leads to all harmful incidents, destroying people, property and ecology (Scheider and Davis 60).

Terrorism is spreading like a bush fire, which makes it hard to handle. Other threats take time to escalate over a certain region and may be tamed if caution is implemented. However, terrorism advances within a fraction of a second. Moreover, there is no city or state in the world which is immune to terrorism. Anyone can be a terrorist, and it is considerably challenging to differentiate a potential criminal from an average person. Thus, it is impossible to be safe from terrorism by application of common sense (Land 38).

Currently there is an urgent need to develop a plan that will eliminate terrorism from the face of the Earth. Every person has a responsibility to enlighten others on the dangers of supporting terrorism.

In conclusion, as any global threat, terrorism ought to be eradicated without any reservations. International efforts should be employed to combat terrorism and stop the terrorist attacks. Total elimination of terrorism is the only way humanity will live without fear. In addition, fight against terrorism is a potential for the world to prosper and excel in development. However, if terrorism spreads further, humanity is doomed to extinction while the world will be faced with poverty and retrogression.

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