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Free «Attending Classes» Essay Sample

Not surprisingly, being a student in the university demands paying careful attention to the learning process. Namely, it is reasonable to mention the importance of doing a considerable amount of tasks, attending lectures and catching up with other students when it comes to university modules. Having difficulties because of skipping classes, now I understand that the successful learner always uses a variety of potential opportunities in order to achieve his/her goals concerning the future profession. All the activities that the universities and colleges encourage students to do, improve our ways of understanding the world as it is. This AIB module was quite difficult for me due to the reason that I did not pay much attention to attending lectures. They seemed to be crucial in AIB course. In comparison to other modules, I found it difficult to cope with the tasks that this particular module presented.

One should bear in mind that attending classes is a crucial factor in AIB course. It is a pity that I did not attend all the lectures. From my own experience, I can admit that the lectures helped me to learn the peculiarities of SWOT-analysis. I am indebted to the lecturer for the accurate information concerning strategic planning and the sides of the projects. I got acquainted with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats peculiar to every potential project in conducting business. To tell the truth, the lectures contributed a lot to my education.

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The studies in this course suggested that I should reconsider my way of treating the university education and make some changes to the schedule in order to improve my progress and show better results next time. Although I learned the basics of Human Resource Management closely tied up with such problems as overcrowding, product quality issues, poor motivation, and poor workforce skills in conducting business, this knowledge was not enough for me to work properly, as I missed half of the lectures. For the time being, I realize my mistakes and the goals that I actually failed to achieve because of playing truant.

In addition, it is clear that I should reconsider my attitude to the learning process in general. The matter is that I did not attend a sufficient amount of lectures for me to cope with the tasks and reflect the theoretical knowledge in my practical abilities. Thus, I found myself with poor skills of organizing the information as well as exhausted because of the material that I had to cover myself.

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To start with, among the changes that I will make in the future, one may find the attendance of lectures as the main task for the student. It is reasonable to view the learning process through the lenses of time saving. The matter is that the major purposes of lectures consist in providing the students with the clear-cut and accurate information regarding the given subject in a coherent way. Although I could get valuable experience from the lecturer, I failed to do so. It would be great if all the students could realize that their knowledge would improve because of the aspect of attending lectures. Seemingly, this course made me recap some lessons from my time organization.

I understand that attending could have improved my education as well as contribute to my lifestyle outside the university. It is obvious that attending lectures is essential for the students. Firstly, they gain advantages of communicating with other students and develop their listening skills. Secondly, students find the right ways of making notes and organizing the information. Seemingly, good attendance exerts a great impact on the lifestyle outside the university. With a clear-cut background, I could save time and learn the additional material without looking through the books and making conclusions about what is important and what is not in the AIB module. It is also necessary to point out that attending lectures and seminars influences the ways of socializing with other people. Namely, one is professionally communicative if he or she can listen to the speaker properly and give the sufficient and accurate answers.

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It is clear from the above that good communication skills can better the education in general and are essential in conducting business in the sphere of HR manager. Attendance can be seen as the driving force that provides the student with the knowledge that he is on the right track with his studies. I suffered from not attending the lectures in a way that I did not know whether I was on the right track. During the term, I had troubles with finding the material that was suitable for the course. Therefore, I had a lot of things in my mind. I was not able to cope with all the practical tasks and was hesitating which way of treating the problem to choose. Good attendance may solve all these problems immediately. In addition, the students can listen to the stories that shed light on the experience of the lecturers. These situations are usually important due to the reason that they present the cases from the perspective of lively interest and solutions.

Eventually, it is essential to put an emphasis on the communication between the students. It exerts a tremendous impact on education and learning process. Good attendance of lectures is a sign of meetings between the students and sharing their knowledge as well as experience concerning particular tasks and activities. Unfortunately, I feel that I lacked the communicative connections with the fellow students and could not do everything on my own.

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As for me, this course presented a considerable amount of information concerning the HR management. I realized that the student should always use all the opportunities that are promoted by the teachers and lecturers. To tell the truth, the course was full of information that will be very helpful in my near future. As for me, it is very interesting to work as an HR manager due to scope of activities that people in this particular profession can do. In my humble opinion, students should not play truant as good attendance can provide them with great advantages of education as such. My AIB module is a vivid example of this suggestion. I would recommend everyone to attend lectures as they are the most interesting ways of learning.

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