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Criminology and Birth Control

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Free «Criminology and Birth Control» Essay Sample

Precautionary act refers to measures taken to protect the occurrence of an action believed to be having a risk of causing harm to the perceived situation with the assumption that, these precautions do not cause any harm. The aim of taking this precautions focuses on taking the possible effort to protect the public from a possible harm.

However, not all precautionary acts can give appropriate measures to alleviate the possibility of any harm to public without giving rise to other forms of crimes. The Case of Fujimori government (1990-2000), of Peru demonstrates the worst forms of acts that deprive human rights and contribute to corruption. Fujimori exercises the policy of forced sterilization on the entire women population with the threats of coercion and tips of free food for those who come out willingly to be sterilized. His objective was to get rid of the criminal, poor people and the social group that are against his interest. This form of precautions being forced to individual in the population violates the fundamental human rights and it is a criminal offence punishable under the law. Toledo government also comes with policies contrary to his predecessor, Fujimori, when he came to power in the year 2001-2006. He introduces policies that increase birth rate and barn the practice of sterilization and neither allows the use of birth control methods. However, the government deprives women of the right to have abortion except when their life is in danger. The concept of not having abortion was put in the view that, life start at conception and no attempt to terminate that pregnancy is legal. Birth control pills was also prohibited and considered to cause abortion. Consequently, these policies gave rise to illegal abortions contrary to the law and expose the people to the danger of contracting HIV.

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In conclusion, the issue of taking precautionary act must be evaluated first with respect of other consequences that may arise. However, good and plan policies are essential to effectively address these issues and minimize crimes.

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