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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Teenagers

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Free «Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Teenagers» Essay Sample

What is the best way to solve/stop abortion and in the raise of rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) among teenagers in the USA?

Statistic shows that nowadays the situation about the spreading number of teen pregnancies is unconsoling. In California, for example, about 50 thousand teen, ages 15-19, became parents of 20041 children. In San Bernardino County it has been registered 48 birth for every thousand 15-19 years old woman in 2005. The highest rate of birth is among Latinas and makes 67, 3 babies for every 1000 teens. The popularization of sex relations on TV influenced the teenager’s attitude towards sex and lots of youth practise unprotected sex that of course resulted another vital problem of the mankind – the raise of rates of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). In 2005, there were resisted more than one million new cases of STDs among teens in California where 1 in 4 teens, ages 14 to 19, have an STD. (Sexual Health Education in Public Schools: A Guide for Parents) Here we are to discuss two central problematic questions that are to be solved on the state level and were resulted of not correct teenager’s upbringing. The both ones are linked with sex education and are to be directed on the reducing of abortion rates and STDs among youth in the USA. As the roots of these problems leave in education and upbringing of a responsible and moral nation, we are to concentrate our attention on the necessity for sexual health education in U.S. high schools. The question is still open because many of educational establishments still have not required sexual health education as an obligatory subject due to different reasons. However these steps are of great importance as it should possibly be the only reasonable method to bring up moral, self sufficient and healthy nation.

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California is the first state that in 2004 required comprehensive   sexual health education at schools.  The Government only made requirements as to the policy of upbringing a sexual educated youth generation but still schools can decide individually weather to include sexual health education it their year curriculum or not.  Each year students are to study information about different methods of protection “sexual and reproductive health from unintended pregnancy and STDs;” (David J. Landry, Jacqueline E. Darroch, Susheela Singh and Jenny Higgins, 2004). This will help teenagers to develop appropriate well attitudes about young person growth and development, image of a body, roles of male and female, sexual orientation, creation of a family. According to the Educational Code, sexual health education must be taught by specially trained instructors in factual, objective and medically accurate manner. It will give information about all “methods of contraception and STD prevention approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” (Sexual Health Education in Public Schools: A Guide for Parents) Of course this kind of education does not just supply the students on information relating to the behaviour in sex relations but strictly supports the moral norms abstinence-until-marriage education.

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The Department of Education improved the standards of sexual health education, by means of releasing new standards that specifying the kind of information at each grade level. 

That all sounds very convincingly, but the facts still prove the opposite. That means something is not correct in the sexual educational policy.

Firstly, youth has a basic human right to get precise, objective sex education that, of course, includes pieces of knowledge about contraception and condoms. This is without any doubt helps teenagers to diminish risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). (Hauser D, 2004)  It also helps youth to build stable and quality relationships and to build up skills about correct decision-making. However, sexual health education is not just of schools responsibilities. The task of correct sexual education must also be fulfilled with majority of medical and public health organizations, and – most significant – parents.

Secondly, there exist problems that are related with federal policy that spent a great amount of findings on non effective sexual health plan.  The point is that sexual educational programmes were written without any hint on youth’s basic human rights in not accurate and balanced manner. It seams that abstinence-only programs are used as a gear of any sexual activity prevention for all unmarried people. But, if take into consideration, that there are cases when teens are engaged or even have long lasting stable relations, that becomes without purpose.

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Undeniably these programs must specify “exclusive purpose,” and not just promote about the risks of sex relations outside of marriage or discuss contraception. This all must be fulfilled in a form of an accurate and correct narration that leaves the choice for a teen.

The methods that can convince a person to be provident and reasonable as to sexual relations can be different. And the much funding must be spent on the special edification of teachers who will conduct the health courses at schools and other educational establishments. Another part of findings is to be spent on a development of an effective core curriculum that will be obligatory in each state. That also needs technological, media and literary support.

It is also well known that “Forbidden fruit is sweet”, that suits the discussed case. That is why, in order to maintain a productive sexual educational plan in high schools, a versatile programme should be written. It must be worked out with the help of scientific researches in teen’s philology, physiology, different medicine works and social studies. The data concerning the most frequent factors that influence the teen’s decision to start adult life with sexual relations must be gathered and analysed. Life examples are also to be included in the lessons. The course must be structured as recommendations and not as the order not to have sexual relations. On the contrary, some specific value should be given to such relations and it should be explained according to the moral and law.

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To make a conclusion, it must be underlined that the idea of sexual health education is very purposeful. It must be improved and hold not just lessons at school but a unite work of parents, educational, medical, public organisation, media and government.

  • Parents and a community are to help in monitoring and advocating for school districts that will be useful in the adoption of common comprehensive curricula and policies for all schools.
  • Publicly must watch for providing comprehensive sexual health education that leaves school administration and district board’s responsibility.
  • Parents are to be regularly informed about all “components of the sexual health education programs being provided in the district”. (Hauser D, 2004)
  • Districts must adopt all new standards for health education that were developed by the Department of Education and ensure that all schools adhere the district receives appropriate instruction.
  • Schools must introduce “age-appropriate, medically accurate, unbiased sexual health education in schools.” (Sexual Health Education in Public Schools: A Guide for Parents)
  • The State Department of Education must monitor and supply educational establishments with all necessary materials for a high quality education.

All these strategies will surely reduce the high rate of teenager pregnancy and STDs.

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