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Since its founding by Evan Williams, Twitter has attracted a huge number of people globally. Its inception becomes a savior to many organizations and entrepreneurs who had been looking for a better social network to advertise their products. Most individuals perceive Twitter to be a professional site where serious people share information. Basing on the fact that it was established after facebook, the largest social networking site, Twitter is facing a lot of competition. Many people find Facebook more interesting and a tool that you can share information privately with friends. Twitter is established on grounds that information twitted is limited to only 140 letters. An individual cannot exhaust all they want to post for their followers and other people globally. This limits the users to posting their tweets in form of links that may be a change to persons depending on their phones. Secondly, Twitter does not allow its users to put a lot of information on their profile, therefore many people find themselves following or being followed by strangers. Confidentiality of information is lacking, although there is a provision of direct messaging.  Not unless an individuals are following each other, sending direct messages is not allowed.

Recommendation #1:

Twitter should find a platform to increase the amount of words its users can tweet in order to pss their information at once without having to do several tweets.


The ability for Facebook which has been rated as the world’s largest social networking site to allow its users to update their status using several words as well as pictures and links captures the attention of many people. Twitter limits its user to only 140 characters; this is a minimal amount of words where an individual is forced to do several tweets in order to pass the information. It becomes boring and ineffective to keep tracking tweets from a certain individual all the time. It is uneconomical and unsystematic to the followers. The information that was being passed across loses its intended meaning. Links that are being uploaded by entrepreneurs for their followers to access more information on their business and projects many be a challenge especially when they depend majorly on mobile phones that may not support certain domains.   

Recommendation # 2:

Twitter should provide for confidentiality and classification of information.


Considering the idea that a user can be followed by strangers may limit the confidence of some individuals. This forms the basis of why there was drop in the number of users from 29 million to 24 miillion globally within a span of five months in 2009. Basically, uploading a photo on twitter can be accessed by any individual. Further, people tweeting each other basing on their private issues is exposed to the public; it is a waste of time since many people may not be interested on personal issues. There is no order on whether certain information is about politics, business or personal matters. Facebook has established a platform for its users to create pages, groups and events to avoid mixing personal profiles and information for public accessibility. Sharing of confidential information on Facebook and other social sites is evident while twitter exposes almost everything to the entire world not unless it is a direct message.


In order to facilitate order and meaningful information being passed, Twitter can increase the number of characters that can be input while tweeting. An interface can be build to allow direct viewing of images instead of having to follow a certain link. Additionally, confidentiality can be achieved by allowing categorization of followers for instance family, friends and business. Also, limitation of access to individual’s information to be initiated by developing a criterion those users can restrict their tweets to certain people. It can also collaborate with Facebook so that it can boost its intention for future use in the market.

Buy custom Twitter essay

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